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Best 17 Inch Lcd Monitor To Buy


LCD stands for liquid crystal display. It is different from the huge conventional monitors. It is more flat and sleek. LCDs use the light modulation feature of liquid crystals. Liquid crystals do not give out light openly but rather modulate it. 17 inch LCD monitors are used in many places such as computer monitors and TV displays. 17 inch LCD monitors use less electrical energy than CRTs.


17 inch LCD monitors have a long history. In the 1960s, cyanobiphenyl LCs were discovered, they had the right steadiness and temperature features to be used for LCDs. In 1972, active-matrix crystal display was made in Pennsylvania. In 2007, LCDs beat the sale of CRT units in their global sale.

There are many 17 inch LCD monitors available in the market and some of the best ones are described below. Samsung Sync Master 740BX is a production of Samsung, the largest producers of LCDs. Samsung Sync Master 740BX uses the customary 4:3 feature ratio plan and has the resolution, of 1280x1024. This is a pretty bright screen. Its rating and high contrast level makes it deliver the liveliest and brightest pictures. It is good for fast moving pictures and almost any application. The monitor supports both the VGA and DVI-D and HDCP connectors. Dell Ultra Sharp 1708FP monitor is another fabulous option. This screen like a few other displays does not support wide display. It does not have the same color lucidity as the Samsung display and has a resolution of 1280x1024.

It has an adjustable stand and a built-in USB 2.0 hub which has four ports. It has another optiplex stand but it is better to avoid that one. And just like the Samsung monitor this also supports VGA and DVI-D with HDCP connectors. Hanns-G HW-173DBB is an American display and is relatively newer. This screen is unconventional in a way that unlike other monitors of its kind, it features wide screen. It has a 1440x900 resolution. It has lower contrast, clarity and refresh rate. But its cost effectiveness makes up for these short comings. This screen is one of the cheapest and supports both the connectors.

View Sonic VA1721wmb is another awesome option. It has a 1440x900 resolution. The brightness and contrast of this monitor are pretty much the same as the Hanns-G monitor. The good thing about this monitor is that it offers built in speakers and thus make the desktop much more simple and sleek. But one disadvantage is that it only supports VGA connectors and no digital ones. LG Electronics L1733TR-SF is the final on this best 17 inch monitors list. This monitor has a 3000:1 contrast ratio. This screen has a 2ms grey-to-grey refresh rate, which is an awesome quality compared to other monitors. This makes the screen manage fast motion really well, whether it be from some video or computer gaming. The short coming is that its color is not as vibrant as the other monitors. It is compatible with both the type of connectors.


Thus, the market offers a wide variety of 17 inch LCD monitors. We can choose wisely according to our own demands regarding affordability, speed and features.

By Amara, published at 02/21/2012
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