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How To Buy An Lcd Monitor

Published at 02/14/2012 10:25:03


In the modern world the old very big monitor was replaced with the new monitor LCD. The monitor LCD replaced the old CRT one for many reasons like: the need for more space, the better picture and better overall performance.

Step 1

To buy a monitor LCD you got to take into consideration several factors.
The first one and the most important one is the budget. If your budget is small you should look for the low cost but not necessarily the worst monitor LCD. If you have a big spending budget then you have a lot of choices. You can buy a professional monitor LCD if you want, they are the best money can buy.

Step 2

The second factor you got to consider is what you need the monitor LCD for. If you want a computer screen for games, for movies or you want it only for text writing.
If you like to play computer games you will want a monitor lcd with a fast response, maximum 5 ms. If you want to watch movies then a big screen is what you need and if you want to write or chat with others on it then you don t need a very big or fast monitor lcd.

Step 3

After you decided what you need the monitor LCD for then it is the time to look at some technical specifications. It is very important that your monitor LCD has a high contrast. Also you will want a fast monitor LCD. It is recommended that you look at it first, and then buy; you may like or not like the picture quality so a first look won t hurt.

Step 4

When you decided what monitor lcd suits you better in terms of technical performance you must look for it s connectivity, That is very important because it may have or not have HDMI ports . Some of the monitors don t even has a DVI port. If you like to watch movie at their best quality then you should choose one monitor LCD that has at least one HDMI port.

Step 5

In the end you can look at the monitor LCD design. If you like it, if it harmonizes with the other devices you have and with your furniture. The vast majority of monitors will have a very beautiful design, but almost all of them do not look well with classic furniture.


Never buy a monitor LCD that is below your technical details. You better wait and raise more money if you need a more powerful monitor LCD. It is very important that you know what your computer can do. If you don t know ask an expert and he will tell you what to buy because you can buy a very large screen monitor lcd and if your graphic card is not powerful enough then you can have problems.

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We wish that you will find the best monitor LCD for you and that you will enjoy watching movies and playing games on it. The monitor LCD is one of the best technical discoveries in the last century. They make our life easier and healthier.