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Reading this is made possible by a computer monitor so this component is crucial with a computer. Computers monitors have come a long way since the olden days when they were bulky contraptions occupying large spaces. Today LCDs technology has replaced the cathode ray tubes which have long been associated with desktops. The newer LCD computers monitors are slimmer, lighter and brighter. Due to their slim nature and the display properties, they use less energy, thus, making a less dent in your wallet.

Today shoppers for computers monitors are confronted with a wide range of products that are available unlike in the past. The best advice is to always consider the price without sacrificing quality and performance for cost. There are many factors that make good quality computers monitors such as dot pitch, refresh rates and signal flow among others.

The technology used to make flat screens, otherwise known as LCDs, is constantly changing as the demands for better computers monitors emerge. With every technological advancement, consumers get to enjoy clearer, quicker and deeper visual display.


The Dell Ultrasharp U 2311H and BenQEW2420 are some of the great computers monitors that give high quality visual displays on computers. Such displays are especially important when a person is involved in playing video games, movies and other forms of visual content that requires crystal clear displays. The ability to enjoy the ever growing demands of the entertainment industry today can not be fully appreciated without the use of a good computer monitor which is able to provide high-definition images that users need.

The 16:9 widescreen is one of the dominant characteristic that has become quite popular today. This is used in viewing most of the content such as software, internet pages and media among others. The older version 4:3 usually have display complications whenever such content needs to be viewed and users find that the contents have to be scrolled through or resized by the computers monitors in order to be viewed.

The HD computers monitors screens 16:9 have the ability to offer TV visual display which enables them to have capabilities required for video games and movies. The HD also comes in handy at the workplace as the screens can be used to view two documents placed along side each other. This also applies to businesses that make use of CAD applications and word processing soft wares.


When buying computers monitors consider the following features:


  • Display - Flat panel is the best, but there are several varieties; the best are In-Plane Switching technology. They offer high levels of brightness, a broad range of contrast ratio and color depth.
  • Features - Consider computers monitors with adjustable height swivel and tilt positioning abilities. Some options don’t come with these abilities, hence, you need to pick products that offer such options. Look out for weight, dimensions and power consumption of the monitor.
  • Connections - The connections that are available for computers monitors vary; be sure to get connections with graphics card. Common connections have modern monitors which entails HDMI, display port, DVI and VGA.
  • Some of the stylish computers monitors available today include the Acer V 173 17-inch monitor with 1280x1024 resolutions, the sleek stylish Energy star HP Compaq LA 2405wg monitors among other modern screen displays.
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