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How To Use the Monitor Heart Rate Device


A heart rate monitor device is a gadget that measures the rate of activity in the heart including pulse and beat. It usually alerts the user and health care workers if there is an unusual activity in the heart brought about by an underlying medical condition or external factors such as stress or excessive efforts. There are various models and designs of a heart rate monitor device. 

Step 1

Usually, a heart rate monitor device is composed of a transmitter and receiver. There is also a heart rate monitor device that you simply wear as a watch, but this is not as effective as a device set that measures the heart rate. We’ll talk about the heart rate monitor that consists of two parts, a wrist watch that acts as a receiver and the body strap serving as a transmitter.

Step 2

Before you wear the body strap, run the electrodes of the heart rate monitor under running water for a few seconds. This is necessary to get electrodes to transmit the signals to the training computer (the watch). Attach the electrodes to the transmitter.

Step 3

Put the body strap of the heart rate monitor over your head and sling the strap in a diagonal way similar to wearing a shoulder bag across the torso. Adjust the body strap so that it fits snugly on the body without being too tight or too loose. You can wear any shirt on the body strap as going shirtless (although not unusual for males) while jogging or doing your fitness walking in a public place might seem funny to others.

Step 4

Wear the watch of the heart rate monitor on your wrist. Secure it with the fastening and make sure that it is not too tight. Adjust it an angle where you can see properly the readings on the LED screen so you don’t have to stop in the midst of training to look at the figures.

Step 5

Before you start training, program the training computer by entering basic information. Set the time on the watch and the date. Include other personal info such as weight, height, and units of measurement. Save your settings. The heart rate monitor device can be used by different persons so saving your personal settings won’t affect it, if another person uses the device.

Step 6

Set your training parameters. You can program the device to alert you if you have reached your limits with an alarm that is activated once you exercise excessively. Equally, look at the results from time to time if there is still room for additional physical activity. Save your settings again to make sure that the heart rate monitor device will recognize the changes.

Step 7

Once the body strap is in place, activate the wrist watch or the training computer. Start your exercise program whether it is stretching, running, walking, cycling, or jogging. Take deep breaths while exercising and do stop when you have reached your limit.


You also have the choice of unloading the data your training computer has recorded online or in your computer. This is a useful feature allowing you to check which areas need improvement in your exercise regime.

By Marie, published at 03/04/2012
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