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17 Inch Monitor Pros And Cons


Today, computer monitor inch measure over 20 inches or even reach 30 depending on the manufacturer, brand and preferences of the user. People who consider getting a 17 inch monitor should consider their option carefully. 17 inches seem to be the right measurement for most individuals, particularly laptop users. Compare the different types and find out if the setup is best for the different activities and computer tasks.


About the 17 Monitor Inch

There are a number of big brands that continue to make 17-inch monitors for various purposes such as Samsung, Dell, AOC and ViewSonic. Some of the features to check include the aspect ratio, screen resolution, contrast ratio and brightness. Consumers should also check the external appearance and capabilities of the unit. There are products that offer very wide support with HDMI connectors, HDCP connectors, VGI connectors, USB 2.0 ports and DVI-D connectors. People might like to check other special features and integrated systems that offer bright and richer colors, sharper images and faster switches between scenes. The 17 monitor inch might also come with a remote control, wireless connectivity and a very slim and sleek design.


About the Types

The 17 monitor inch can come in three distinct types - LCD, LED and CRT. There are a number of differences among these so buyers should consider the inclusions carefully to get the best deals and packages. As for the slimness of the screen, LCD and LED versions are slimmer which will save more space and are easier to move and transfer because these are lightweight. These monitors can measure anywhere from less than 1 inch to 2 inches only. CRT monitors are very bulky, measuring as long as one foot. As for viewing, LED and LCD screens are also more preferred by people today because these have glare control and reduction. People situated at different parts of the room can watch videos and images evenly without problems with lights at the back. One of the biggest problems of CRT monitors is the glare. Viewers should turn the lights in the background off and position themselves well for effective watching.

The flatscreen feature of LCDs and LEDs also feature sharper, clearer and crisper images compared to the rounded shape of CRT monitors. Radiation is less with the newer models while CRT 17 monitor inch has electromagnetic radiation. The refresh rate, response and heat production is also better with the new versions. CRTs tend to get warm very quickly.

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Final Word

The 17 monitor inch is ideal for single users who intend to focus more on web browsing, documents and file sharing. Users can also decently watch videos and images and play games without any problems. It is the preferred size of laptop gamers today. The price of the monitor will depend on the brand, model and type although these are comparably cheaper nowadays since the rise of 20-inch models or higher. Users can view the various products in computer stores and online websites to compare the features and details.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/16/2012
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17 Inch Monitor Pros And Cons. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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