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How To Build a 15 Inch Monitor


The monitor is considered as an output device of the computer. It gives the display of the interface of the operating system. There are many types and sizes of the monitors which are attached with the computers. These sizes may depend on the choice and the need of the user. The size also depends on the eyesight of the user. If the user is having a weak eyesight, then a larger screen size monitor is better for such a person.We  can see much better with large monitor as compare with small.

Step 1

15 inch monitor is normally preferred by the users and the 15 inch monitor is also used in the offices and different companies. It is a reasonable size which is often seen to be in use by many people. Even some internet cafes may also seem to be using 15 inch monitors.

Step 2

However in order to build a 15 inch monitor, many things are needed to be considered.If a person is an engineer, which is most likely to be an electrical engineer and he or she wants to build a monitor then he or she should learn and should know fully how to assemble a 15 inch monitor.

Step 3

All the parts need to be gathered so that a 15 inch monitor may be built. Many tutorials can be taken in order to know about the parts to be gathered and in order to know how these parts should be assembled. Secondly, specific tools may also be needed so that a 15 inch monitor may be built.

Step 4

Junk yard may be visited in order to find the parts and equipments which are needed to build a 15 inch monitor. in this way cost can be saved.However there is also another option to build a 15 inch monitor ,by using a projector. A projector can be used to make an image if 15 inch. By adjusting the resolution and the size of the screen, a 15 inch monitor may be built.

Step 5

Another point which might be considered is if a person is having a monitor of larger size and he or she want to make it 15 inch monitor, then the screen size can be changed so that the picture may appear of 15 inch size. The viusal display at large screen is better as compair to small.


These are some of the ideas which one can consider for building a 15 inch monitor. However care must be taken for making a 15 inch monitor by assembling the parts because if one part is not properly assembled, then a 15 inch monitor is unlikely to work properly and the efforts and costs may be wasted with an ultimate effect of disappointment.

By John, published at 02/22/2012
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