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Review Of the Flat Lcd Monitors


There is no doubt that flat monitors, LCD monitors have completely replaced the old CRT screen everywhere. The technology was first introduced in 1971 and just used for watches and calculators, but it didn’t take long for the computer manufacturers to install the technology and make use of it in medical equipment, airplane panels and finally in televisions, which then led to LCD monitors. One of the original adapters of LCD also included the first generations of laptops. When the LCD technology became popular with computer systems and in televisions, PC manufacturers decided it was time that flat monitors became default hardware in desktop systems for home and office use. Flat monitors took over the monitor sales business, beating CRT sales from over 2-1 but by comparison, a lot of the CRT supporters have raised very logical advantages where the CRT exceeds the LCD’s picture quality. So is it really a better choice to use flat monitors? LCDs are definitely better, and we will tell you why.


Flat monitors and LCDs have just in one place been unable to beat the CRT’s picture quality, and that is basically because of the technology. Where CRTs used cathode-ray tubes, LCDs use sandwiches of glass containing liquid-crystal filled cells, hence the name LCD. Now the cathode-ray tube which can produce a crisp contrast picture and show black in its actual dark color, LCDs are unable to do that. In LCDs you will find that the liquid crystals would allow producing pixels more of a dark grey color, not true black and hence the Color reliability which is so essential for graphic artists is found only in CRTs. This quality has not been matched by LCDs but then why do graphic artists continue to be loyal to the Flat monitors. LCD monitors lack in some picture contrast but make up for it in sleek design, higher-resolution picture and the space they take on the study table. The technology has even allowed the production of touch screen computers.


Flat monitor is really an essential hardware as part of a gaming system. Online, computer and console gamers couldn’t be more satisfied with LCD technology. It has allowed them to have clear, bright and high resolution graphics that no CRT or even plasma screen could ever offer. At the beginning, it was just high resolution and sharper graphics but then came the wide screen flat monitors. LCD wide screen monitors are screens with ratios 16:10 or 16:9 and became popular when some people complained that the old square monitors wouldn’t allow for a complete rectangular image resolution. Hence with bigger and wider screens being manufactured of up to 21” and some even more, house hold desktops were being sold with flat LCD monitors as part of a default system and people loved it because it became more of an entertainment system. People with desktops in their rooms can now enjoy watching movies, stream their favorite shows online and play games. For a lot of people, a small TV in the bedroom has been replaced by a 19” LCD monitor desktop system.

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So when you’re out in the market, what kind of flat monitor's LCD would be the best for you? There’s a good variety out there so you have got plenty of fish in the sea to choose from. You can choose to buy as large a screen as you want as desk space is not always an issue with flat monitors. LCDs can easily be mounted on to the wall and save your desk space for your scanners and printers also.

By Amara, published at 02/26/2012
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