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How To Monitor the Computers in Your Office


In an office, there are many employees and so does the number of computers. With so many computers, there is a possible threat of loss of data, virus attack, disruption of the system and work and many other problems. It is important that computers monitor Internet and an employee’s computer to ensure the safety and security of the office. Internet monitoring was done by blocking some websites that pose a threat but now the computer monitoring system is highly advanced. This kind of system is developed to meet the cyber problems in the present times.

Computers monitor using this system by recording the employees work online. This may include chats, messages, browsing, emailing, downloading, moving, copying and removing and so on. Computers are monitored by recording the keyboard strokes and hence all the matter that is typed. Computers monitor the employee in every way online which in turn helps to increase the safety and security along with the productivity of the office work. This way the employee can be kept under surveillance for the behavior and from leaking any information about the company.

Some of the computer monitoring programs are:

Step 1

Inter Guard: Computers monitor through a central operating system which has all the data of the employees. This enables to seek any information from the central system rather than looking into every individual’s system.

Step 2

Network Enforcer: Computers monitor in this system according to the specification of a behavior that is termed suspicious. This system does not record all the activities of the employees but only those that are specified for threat. The computer does not monitor anything else other than the specified behaviors.

Step 3

Net Vizor: This system monitors through both workstations and individual’s system. This filters the content on the network. This monitors both real and remote administration.

Step 4

Spy tech Spy Agent: Computers monitor the internet, chat, email and messaging of the employee. All the data that is send out and received through the network are recorded. It also checks the overuse of the resources and any leaking of the information of the company.

Step 5

Ascendant NFM : This system allows network file monitoring. It checks on every action on the network for ensuring security and protection. It can handle both small and big scale networks.Key Ghost Key logger: Computers monitor by recording the keystrokes by installing Key logger HRD. It is a hardware installation and hence no employee can crack it and remove.


All of these systems help the monitoring of computers and the staff in an office. Computers monitor the systems and thus draw a deadline for employees in their work. This helps in cutting down unnecessary Internet usage, deviation from work, overuse of resources and increases productivity, proper utilization of time and focus on work. This way the abuse of resources of time in an office is greatly reduced. This way both safety and security and protection are ensured for the company. The employee is benefitted and so does the office by the use of computer monitoring systems.

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/23/2012
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