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the Best Heart Rate Monitors


Heart rate monitors are designed with an aim of keeping track of an individuals’ heart rate. A majority of monitors rate that have been designed recently come with unique features such as track locations, positions and speed among others depending on the types of exercises being done. The main objective of monitors rate is to track the heart rate once they have been fed with some information. When purchasing monitors rate, it is imperative to choose one that fits perfectly regardless of whether you are putting it on the wrist or chest. The heart rate monitor is mostly recommended for individuals with heart conditions that constantly need monitoring. However, of late healthy cautious individals are also using them to monitor their heart rate. There are of different types but the best heart rate monitors in the market today include the following:

Best Heart Rate Monitors

The Polar F6

This is a medium priced monitors rate that has an ability to create a training zone for the person using it in a personalized way. The best thing about it is that, the data collected can easily be uploaded to a PC and at the same time, it is easy to use.

Polar FT60

This is one of the best monitors rate that helps you in measuring your heart rate against heart rates that you have targeted. This in turn will help you in determining whether you are training too hard or not. The best thing about it all is that, you can easily review your workout data and at the same time, you can make the battery’s replacement on your own. You can on the other hand use some GPS as well as foot pods that are readily available to achieve perfect results.

Best Heart Rate Monitors

The Polar F11

This is a monitors rate that plays a major role in providing constant feedback on your heart rate. In addition to this, you are provided with information on the calories that you have managed to burn and the time you have used for exercising. The best thing about this monitor rate is that, it is waterproof meaning that it can as well be used by swimmers. It displays information that is easy to read.

The Omoron HR-100C

This is one of the best monitors rate that has the ability to provide you information that you need about your heart rate through an alarm sound. It comes with a low cost and at the same time, it is reliable. If the heart rate happens to go too high or even too low, the alarm will sound to give you a warning. It is long lasting and takes less time for you to set it up.

Tips and comments

When choosing monitors rate for you, it is imperative to take ample time to check out whether the monitor rate has all the features that match your needs and preferences best. This in turn will help you in achieving best results that you need when monitorin your heart rate.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/23/2012
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the Best Heart Rate Monitors. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.