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What Video Card And Computer Monitor Should I Get For My Gaming Pc?

Published at 02/22/2012 20:08:59


When you want to build an extreme gaming Pc you must have a good video card monitor and CPU mix. The most important component in a gaming computer is definitely the video card. It is a real race between video card manufacturers now on the market and constantly new features and improvements are released.

Step 1

Building a good gaming Pc takes a lot of money so if you want to have the best components you will have to reach pretty deep in your pockets. There are a lot of games that have incredible graphics and new ones are released every month, to keep up with the video game industry you have to constantly upgrade your computer. To have a great gaming experience you have to choose very carefully the video card monitor and CPU. Every one of these components is very important for your gaming pleasure.

Step 2

Today’s games rely on graphics and to make sure you can really see a game’s true potential you have to have a good video card monitor mix. Some gamers like to use three monitors just to give them more thrills. You can connect more than one monitor to some video cards. If you want to use three monitors you must have the proper connections between video card monitor. You will have to use three cables to make sure you make the right video card monitor connection. If you want to choose the best monitors you just have keep in mind that resolution is the most important.
When you want to choose the best monitor you can always rely on LED monitors. Also some monitors have 3D capabilities so if you like playing games in 3D make sure you pick a monitor that will allow you to use 3D glasses.

Step 3

The video card is the most important component for gaming. There are a lot of video cards on the market and some video cards have incredible performance. One of the best video cards available now on the market is the Sapphire Radeon HD 6690. This is a multi core video card that has 4GB of graphic memory. This card will easily support three monitors. Some people think that NVIDIA has the best video cards but this Radeon is better when it comes to multi-core video cards.
Having a good video card monitor mix will simply blow your mind. With a good video card monitor mix you can also watch movies and be amazed by all the tiny details you can observe.

Step 4

Keep in mind that having a monster as a video card will greatly increase your computers need for power. The Sapphire Radeon needs 750W to function properly, so you must have a good power source on your computer also. When you build your gaming pc you also have to keep in mind that you also need a very powerful CPU. You don’t have to be cheap when it comes to the CPU. Having a slow CPU will seriously drag your computer down even if you have the perfect video card monitor mix.


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