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How To Display a Text Message on Your Cell Phone


Text messaging is a popular mobile feature that many users take advantage of to conserve talk time minutes. Most major mobile carriers offer unlimited texting which allows you to communicate with friends and family without the need to pick up your phone and dial a number. Texting comes in handy when you are unable to verbally communicate as well. Most phones are texting capable and offer you the opportunity to quickly tap out a message to send. You can display message as long as you have service. The message is normally received on the recipient's phone within in few seconds. Although texting can vary by phone, the basics to display message a cellphone are quite often standard. Variations may be slight depending on the model of the phone.

Step 1

Open the "Messaging" application on your phone. Most mobile phones have an icon that is easily accessible from the home screen. Phones such as the iPhone, BlackBerry and many Android phones have an icon that can be opened with a simple tap or click. If the icon is missing from your home screen, press the "Menu" key on your phone and search for the icon. In many instances, the icon is labeled as "Messages," "Text" or "Text Messaging."

Step 2

Tap "Inbox" or "Received" messages to view or display message that you may have just received. The box functions as a storage for any texts that are sent to your mobile phone. New messages that were sent to your phone are typically displayed in bold type.

Step 3

Tap or click to display message on your phone. If your phone is not a touchscreen phone, ensure you use the arrows on it to highlight the message before clicking on it to display message. When you tap or click, it will display message on your phone's screen. While viewing the message, you can tap or click "Reply" to send a response to the message. Enter the text in the fields indicated and tap or click "Send." The message will be sent to the other person's phone.

Step 4

Press the "Back" button to go back to the inbox after display message. You can select another message to view on the inbox screen. If you want, you can also tap or click on the outbox to display message that you have sent to other people.

Step 5

Tap the "Home" or "Back" key repeatedly to exit to your phone's home screen. You can now perform other functions on your cellphone. You can re-access the "Messaging" application on your phone if you want to display message again.


Check whether you have sufficient coverage if you are not receiving text messages. You cannot display a message on your mobile phone if you are not within your mobile carrier's service area. In order to check if you have enough coverage to display a message on your phone, look at the strength indicator on the home screen. The indicator is located in the top right of the phone. If one bar or less is present, you may not be able to display a message on your cellphone. You may need to move to a different area or closer to a window to get better coverage. You may be charged to display message on your cellphone. Check with your carrier for the rates.

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