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How To Clean a 17 Inch Lcd Monitor


Even with the current invention of many technological gadgets such as phones laptops and so on. This does not mean it is the end of the world. It does not mean that things will get much easier if you just let your gadget work for you without giving it the regular checkups it requires. Everything that has a screen is prone to dust, scratches and even fingerprints. These may look obscene to some people and they also make the gadget in question to depreciate at alarming rates. To prevent this from happening certain measures have to be put in place so as to make the gadget look as new.

Step 1

LCD monitor inch in this regard are not an exception. They are prone to dust. When it comes to LCDS size matters, the LCD monitor inch means a lot when it comes to the selection of the LCD that will meet the customers’ needs. Initially manufacturers preferred the small sized LCDs. However as the peoples preferences continued to change, the bigger LCD monitor inch was the preferred option. This is because they offer great gaming possibilities and also their screen pixels. Normally, the LCD monitor inch 17 provides extremely bright pictures and their response is very first.

Step 2

The LCD monitor inch gives the viewer a wide angle for instance if the monitor has more inches. This makes the big size monitors a darling to many due to their movie watching capabilities and also the gaming capabilities.

Step 3

Cleaning the LCD monitor inch 17 is however not that easy. Unlike the previous CRTs these require a lot of care when cleaning them. It is advised that when cleaning they should first be switched off. This cuts all the light coming from the monitors and thus making it possible for the dirty areas to be visible. The screen should be gently wiped using a very soft cloth such as the one used to wipe eye glasses. This soft cloth makes sure that the screen is not scratched in any way.

Step 4

The way one cleans also matters a lot the screen should be handled tenderly being in itself tender. The cleaner is not supposed to hard press the screen as this would interfere with the screen pixels.

Step 5

The manufacturer may sometimes sell some sprays which are used to clean the screen. These help in removing the malignant marks that refuse to come out of the screen.


Most LCD monitors inch edges are covered with plastics. These areas should also be cleaned as they are prone to oils or even dust. The kind of cleaning done to the edges is different from that done on the screen as the screen is in itself fragile.

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Some cleaning products should be avoided at all costs as they may negatively interfere with the monitor's display. Toilet paper and other rough cloths may only dampen the matter by adding more scratches to the LCD monitor inch 17. Having observed all those measures the LCD monitor inch 17 can give the user some quality and long lasting services.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/01/2012
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