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5 Things You Must Know About System Monitoring


System monitoring is an integrated program that manages and monitors various activities on a computer such as CPU performance and memory usage. It is designed in such a way that it can run without any interruptions and complications.It allows the user to collect all the real time performances. Additionally, system monitoring is used to display and record the data.


With rapid emergence of new technologies, changes in system monitoring have also occurred. Currently, multitasking and multi-reading of system monitoring make up the essential parts of any software and hardware, along with system security, space and memory utilization. These changes are imperative for any system because they handle different activities simultaneously .


System monitoring is used in various technologies. 1) It keeps track of CPU usage, identifies the underlying problems and hitches, and tries to solve them. It records the data such as pictures a user has saved, websites visited, emails sent and conversations on chat rooms along with keystrokes and screen captures. It contains all the personal information like user-names and passwords. Likewise it saves charts, graphs, alerts, reports and log files. This property is great as it can help the user restore the system when needed. It also evaluates the speed of the processor. 2) Swap utilization is a useful and valuable part of a system monitoring that enables the user to know how much CPU memory is being utilized, this is an important feature as a high utilization of memory can cause various problems in the system such as slowing down and freezing of the programs. 3) Another property of a system monitor is that it allows the individuals to assess the space in the disc left, for instance if a person is trying to download a very large file it will let him or her know if there is enough space in the disc or not. Furthermore, it calculates the physical memory of any external device connected to a computer and determines if it is safe or not. 4) It handles the monitoring of network traffic and is aware whether the system is connected to LAN or not. The user can easily examine and analyze the local area network usage. It helps to determine the speed of downloads and uploads. 5) System monitoring can also be used to for safety purposes in alarms and computers. It will alert you if an intruder is trying to break in, it can call ambulances, fire departments and thus can be a big help in emergencies. It tries to block any threat to computer's software, like bugs and viruses, and warns the user in time.

Tips and comments

System monitoring is a basic part of any software. It is present in Windows 98, 2000, 7, XP, vista, Linux and MAC etc. It ranges in its capacity and capability depending on the system it is being installed in. Although it can run on multiple CPUs, it is wise to use it on one system at a time as this will save it from high load. It can easily work on a stand-alone environment, and gives a detailed and accurate information about the system.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/04/2012
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