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What Is Security Monitoring System And How It Works


System monitoring is used to store state data. It is a process within a distributed system. There are two forms of monitoring system configurations which are used for monitor application and the system being used and monitored.


There are many secure systems for monitoring the environment. Burlgar alarm is the example of this system. For utility consumption meters are being used while in monitoring systems, there are certain systems which are being used for the verification of nuclear non-proliferation treaties. There are sensors attached in nuclear facilities. If there is any movement in fissile substances then burglar alarm is used for any immediate log. There are some monitoring systems which are exposed like taxi meters, utility-meters and tachographs and more. You can change the readings of utility meters.

In a taxi, taxi readings can also be changed easily. If the taxi-driver wants. then he can add more miles or more minutes to the reading. Tachographs are alse used for the truck drivers. They want to drive on more speed thats why they make false readings or make the graph fail. In monitoring systems and metering systems the evidence is very necessary.


There can be impact on the domain of system or the domain of functionality. The monitoring systems element which prevents the domain functionality, is not working in right order. Monitoring system requires the simplicity and is a tiny application. For network performance and improvements to the applications, there should be tunable monitoring functions. If there are any impacts on the primary functions of systems then they should be considered. There should be efficient monitoring system. The system should be able to handle the goals of monitoring in a specific time. There should be scalability.

There are certain issues in monitoring system. Issues can be in configuration, protocol, performance and data access (in which the interface is given through which the monitored data can be accessed by other processes.).

Tips and comments

System elements are being polled by one or more processes in single thread. There is the advantage of monitor poll, that the host which is being polled has a little impact. The monitoring host pushes the data to the monitoring system application. The load of monitoring system can be reduced. There can not be time outs for calls, but the polling cycle logics are not centralized. Each node requires changes to the monitoring logic.

It is in between the monitoring poll and Agent push. The occurrence of monitoring system is being determined by system configurations. Security monitoring is used for remote monitoring. Alarm monitors are used for this purpose. There are mostly securities monitoring systems which use alarms. Monitor alarm systems are actually live systems. They give rapid alarm response capability. They are in working order 24 hours a day, having multiple backups with them so that there may not come any error.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/14/2012
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