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6 Tips You Must Know About Database Monitoring


Database is an important part of any organization. In order to maintain the organization properly, database monitoring should also be an integrated part of the organization. There are few tips that database administrators must keep in mind while doing database monitoring. Database monitoring is a term used to denote the controlled management of the database using monitoring tools.

Step 1

1. Checking for unauthorized access: Each and every database technology allow users with some privileges. For example, each database user is allowed to use the database that he has been assigned control of. Control might not denote editing the database. Therefore, the database monitoring done by the database administrator in such cases includes, using the log tool to see who and when tried to access or violate into the database structure. This can help the organization in keeping the database construction well-structured and effective.

Step 2

2. Checking for intra network attacks: Often, most of the organization has their computer systems and servers connected via intranets, to other parts of the same organization elsewhere. This can lead to intra network attacks, which can allow an individual to steal and modify data existing within a crucial database. Hence, the database administrator, while doing database monitoring must check for IPs (Internet Protocol address) of the computers trying to gain access to a particular database.

Step 3

3. Preventing cyber-attacks: Most of the modern day organizations need to use the immense power of the internet communications. But, along with the advantage comes dis-advantage in terms of cyber-attacks. Hackers and other cyber-criminals out there in the world, mostly target the servers of organizations. Hence, the database administrator needs to be very sincere and serious in database monitoring, in order to check the pattern of the attacks. This can help the organization in taking the necessary steps towards security.


4. Managing the database for better speed: Often, effective database monitoring can allow the database administrators in detecting the steps needed to database optimization. For example, if a particular table is accessed more, then its replica can be created locally in order to enhance the effective speed of database utilization. Other optimization features, might include various steps to increase the network speed, etc. which can help the organization.

5. Granting access rights based on usage: The database administrator can even provide access rights to the people using the database based on the database monitoring. This monitoring will help the administrator decide on usage facts and hence, can help him decide on various access rights for the employees of the organization. Even access rights can be maintained for better database usage. We must keep in mind that more the number of privileged users, more are the chances of playing with the database structure.

additional tip

6. Blocking excess transactional data for the database: Since it is based on the number of people accessing the database of the organization, it can have numerous transactions in real time; hence, database monitoring is very essential. It can help the database administrator in blocking those transactions, which are not essential, based on the importance. Various programs are used to help these administrators, which ensure maximum security.

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