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How To Get the Best Deals For a Widescreen Lcd Monitor


With the growing advancement in information technology, manufacturer of computer systems are also trying to improve their products; central processing unit are now becoming multitasking and working faster, the widescreen LCD monitor is now becoming more larger while the prices to procure them are getting lower.

Step 1

Native resolution of widescreen lcd monitor

This is the maximum size of the resolution of a display device. The resolution of display system can be adjusted to lower or upper level to sharpen the images that is already blurred. While some models of widescreen LCD monitors perform well and display better pictures and images at other resolution other than native one, the native resolution is still the best images sharpness that can be displayed by any display device. So, get good deals for a display system that has wide native resolution.

Step 2

LCD panel size of widescreen lcd monitor

The viewable area of a widescreen LCD monitor is referred to its panel size. Just like the cathode ray tube (CRT), panel length is made diagonally by measuring from one corner to the other diagonal corner. If the panel size is too small, then the image will be crammed together and if it is too large, then one part of the image will be bigger than normal. Always look for a deal for a moderate size liquid crystal display monitor.

Step 3

Viewing angle

This is the rate and ways through which you can rotate (or move) your display screen to suit your view. Display unit can be moved up or down and still be able to view the center of the screen. The viewing angle should be a major factor to determine the best deal for a widescreen LCD monitor that will be used for presentation purposes or where the screen will be viewed by more than one user. Viewing angles also varies as different brands use different methods to compute the viewing angle of their display units.

Step 4

Physical adjustment of the Display of widescreen lcd monitor

Another way of getting a good deal for a widescreen LCD monitor is to look for the one that has more physical adjustment. There should be height adjustment, pivot adjustment and swivel. The height adjustment will enable the LCD to be adjusted to any physical level that is comfortable for the viewer while the pivot will make it possible to view images that are somehow taller than their width. The swivel will enable you share your view with another viewers without you changing your position.

Step 5

Pixel response time

The time that will take a pixel of the display resolution to change from black to white or vice versa is referred to as the display unit rise-and-fall response time. This factor is equally good to be used in determining a good deal for widescreen LCD monitors. A small figure of this time (in milliseconds) indicates a good LCD monitor.


The specification and models are as well becoming numerous. But, these factors are not important to the users than the quality of the images that the widescreen LCD monitors will produce. The following are good deals that could be done to get the best display unit.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/21/2012
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