Benefits Of An Lcd Display Monitor
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Benefits Of An Lcd Display Monitor

Published at 03/20/2012 13:42:32


Benefits Of An Lcd Display Monitor

Nowadays, technology is changing rapidly. Every year new processors, new designs and performance oriented technical products are being sold to the customers. Monitors used to be CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) in type. Now is the time for LCD and LED monitors. People often get confused about the LCD display. They try to compare the benefits of an LCD display over CRT display. So, these benefits enlisted below will help you decide whether LCD display is good for you or the CRT was the better one. Once you make up your mind, it is easy to choose between the various brands of these monitor types.

Step 1

Sharpness and contrast: Most of the newly manufactured LCD display by the popular brands come with a high sharpness and contrast ratio. This feature makes the LCD more vivid and colorful than the traditional CRT monitors. Another important aspect of having higher level of sharpness and contrast is that these LCD monitors can be used at places and organizations where picture is very essential for the work. For example, in Forensic labs having a LCD monitor allows clear view of the images, which can help much more in investigation.

Step 2

Distortion in Geometry: The LCD display panels that are being manufactured nowadays are mostly zero distortion in geometry. Though, minor glitches might arise in the geometry when the image is being constructed, but due to the auto repair technology, this is completely taken care of when the final image is shown to the user. Zero Distortion in geometry can be a huge advantage to both the multimedia professionals as well as the gamers. These people need complete error free construction of images and that too at faster refresh rates, which LCD panels are able to satisfy.

Step 3

Brightness and auto adjustment: Most of the old CRT monitors used to have built in profiles for the Brightness control. Often, the control had to be used manually in order to deal with excess or dim brightness levels. But, the LCD display panels that are being manufactured nowadays comes with auto adjustment of the brightness levels with the installed intelligence technology. Hence, peoples don’t need to adjust the brightness level each and every hour based on the work or environment. The LCD monitor will handle the situation itself.

Step 4

Shape of the screen - Most of CRT monitors come with curved picture tube. This would make the display even more difficult and eye stressing in the long term. In case of LCD display panels, the situation is just the opposite. Due to the screen shape being completely flat, most of the images are easily viewed by the users without stressing the eyes too much. Due to this fact, it is easier to work on a LCD monitor than a CRT for longer hours continuously.

Step 5

The physical built and cost factor: We must keep it mind that though the price of a LCD display panel is higher than a CRT, it is physically more adjustable to the smaller space being occupied and saves a lot of electricity than the CRTs.


LCD monitors are also used in computer. These monitors are costly but they are having a high reliability.