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Qualities Of the Samsung Lcd Monitor


Samsung is one of the largest and more popular consumer electronics companies in the world. Among its successful lineup of products are the exciting LCD monitors. The offering by Samsung Monitor LCD is of stylish, flat panel displays which are competitively priced and dependable. Samsung Monitor LCD has delivered a healthy balance of affordability and performance. Their monitors are targeted more at the mainstream market rather than as high end technology brands.

When selecting a computer monitor, the most important qualities to look for are the screen size, price and picture quality. Until now, most monitor releases had been clones of technology that have come out in the last three years. The consumer also has started expecting an image quality or a design tweak here and there.



Samsung began exploring LCD technology in 1991. They produced the first 9.3” LCD monitor in 1993. In the early 2000s, Samsung Monitor LCD varied between miniature screens and large screens.

The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technologies use cells that are filled with liquid crystal and these cells are placed between two sheets of glass. The difference between the LCD and LED (light emitting diodes) is the backlight.

Even with heavy use, Samsung Monitor LCD can display full color detail without showing any signs of screen burn. LCDs are known to project computer images much better than the other technologies.


These are the qualities of the diverse range of Samsung Monitor LCD in the market:

• LN40B530 – This 40” LCD monitor has a dark exterior design which is attractive and sleek. It is not heavy and easy to set up and move around. The aspect ratio is 60000:1 which gives a nice black-to-white transference. The colors are vivid and make the images stand out.

• P2770PH – The 27” monitor is available in the market in a single rose black color. The technical details that stand out are its ability to project images that have a high resolution with a dynamic contrast ratio. It connects easily to several devices. It is easy to move it around in a room because it is light in weight with a strong supporting stand.

• SyncMaster P2350 – This is a 23” model with a piano black cabinet and a screen that gives 1920 x 1080 resolution. This model features Samsung’s Touch of Color design. The dynamic contrast ration is 50000:1. The performance and pricing makes it a good option for people seeking value for money. It also offers high definition video gaming options.

• SyncMaster 170 – On this 17” LCD monitor, the text is sharper on the screen and the pictures are brighter. The exclusive MagicBright technology of Samsung Monitor LCD gives you brilliant color that is adjustable easily in this model.


Tips and comments

The great thing about Samsung Monitor LCD is that it will save you considerable money on energy by using less power. Samsung Monitor LCD technology gives a detailed picture with good dynamic contrast ratio and response time. The monitors also come with stands that are adjustable to your comfort levels of height. Most of the monitors are good to look at and provide space saving bezels. The slim designs will give you lot of room for all your computer applications and multiple images.

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