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What Is a Tft Lcd Monitor?

Published at 03/29/2012 01:12:29


A Tft Monitor is a type of a flat display panel which can apply in both a computer of a television. Tft is an abbreviation to mean “Thin Film Transistor” while the LCD is “Liquid Crystal Display” the LCD monitors was discovered in 1888 by Fredric Rheinizer, its component is neither liquid nor solid. However the first tft monitor samples prove to be unstable for mass production. This was not until the researcher from Britain came up with a more stable liquid crystal material in 1960.

How it works

The mechanism of the most common tft monitor on use these days heavily relies on the pixels which is formed by liquid crystal cells that in the response of electric voltage changes the polarization direction of the light passing through. As the polarization changes direction, the variation of light passes to the display through a polarizing layer. As the voltage changes, the amount of light too changes.

Methods of production

However for the production of a liquid crystal image with the cells, there are some methods used. One being the segment driving method where characters and pictures are displayed by the cells defined by the patterned electrodes. The other method is the matrix driving method which displays pictures and characters in the sets of dots. Further the segment methods are usually used for the simple displays which includes the calculators, but for the matrix-drive method it is used for the high resolution displays, the likes of portable computers and tft monitors. Furthermore there are two types of matrix drive method which are used for the matrix display. The static method where individual pixel is wired to a driver. However though it is a simple method, the more the pixels the complex it becomes. The other method which is an alternative is the multiplex drive method where the pixels are arranged in the format of a matrix.

Types of LCD Monitors

1. Alpha numeric LCD.

This is a type of tft monitor which displays Arabic numbers represented by 7 segments, as well as roman letters represented by 14 segments,. Each and every symbol is represented as one segment. This type of tft monitor is broadly used on the scientific instrument display. Its mechanism is easy to manipulate and cheap to develop.

2. Character LCD.

This type of lcd used to display lines of characters. It displays I – 4of 16 – 40 characters. Here each 5x7 dots represent one character, also thee is a separate addressing of each block of characters.. it is applicable when there is a need to display more characters other than the ones in English alphabet. It is also easy to manipulate and cheap.

3. Graphic LCD

It is the most flexible display which is composed of arrangement of pixels in rows and columns. Here each pixel is addressed individually e.g. for graphics, text and even the two combinations. It is normally applicable when thee is a need to manipulate a complete viewing area. Though it is flexible, its control design is complex. However the availability of controller chips has made its control easy.


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