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Why Use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor?

Published at 03/29/2012 01:06:43


Polar heart rate monitor was first launched in 1982; this was the time a wireless heart rate monitor was launched. Its importance is that it provides the exact counts on calories burned, distance and speed. Other heart rate monitors have features which contain programmed training goals. However though there are many heart rate monitors polar heart rate monitor is the top leading heart rate monitor as per the manufacturer. From the time of release many other ranges of hear rate monitors has been released. It ranges from the basic models to the programmed training systems for fitness which are for the global leading sports and fitness athletes.


The question is why one should use this polar product. However the answers are obvious. One of the greatest reason as to why one should use heart rate monitor is that to be able to improve ones health. It is not a guarantee that you become a very serious athlete in order for you to wear a polar heart rate monitor every time you are exercising. If you are one person who would like to keep fit, reduces stress, enhance the strength of the heart or simply building the endurance, you have the access to wear the heart rate monitor. It is recommended medically that every adult should exercise in order to prevent the rate of infection from various diseases.


Furthermore, for anyone who would love to loose some pounds it is also recommended to use the polar heart rate monitor this will enable you to know if you are exercising enough or extremely in order to burn the excess fats. 60 -70 percent is the pace recommended for anyone who would love to reduce weight and should be done for 30 minutes minimum. This process enable your body system to burn the fats stored in the body, as well as improve the metabolism rate. heart rate monitor also helps you to exercise safely. It is always good to know if you are improving from your exercise or you are developing other health problems. Also it helps to tell you if your heart rate is in the higher side than you expect. Also it will be able to tell if you are exhausted due to overtraining. The polar heart rate monitor acts as an early warning for preventive health care.


May be you have a busy schedule and a tight time to do your exercise. You may need to get something to enable you maximize your exercise in order to achieve the optimum results. In order to do this with much ease here is polar heart rate monitor which will enable you to monitor the heart rate without wasting a lot of time. Further more it act as your coach may be you do not have someone to tell you that you are doing well and you are quite improving. Well you do not need one any more be case the heart rate monitor will do it all. It has got the capability to alert you when you go below the target or when you also go overboard