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How To Show a Display For Jewelry


Just like any other show display, jewelry display could be equally challenging. Jewelry includes products that range from, earrings to necklaces. Therefore, when preparing for a jewelry display, you therefore ought to have display cards for hanging earrings with you alongside the necklace display stands. Jewelry stands could be portable or even permanent according to the interest of the business man or lady.

Step 1

One thing about these jewelry stands is that they are quite versatile and hence, they can be used to display different jewelry in different forms and ways. This also means, they can make you the best focal point or rather the accents in your booth that is if they are placed on a certain type of riser for show display.

Step 2

But, there is some good news as you can still make a versatile show display stands of your own in a rather cheaper manner and easy way. Consider a case of folding jewelry display shelf. It is a wonderful idea especially for the purpose of keeping your items away from the table and of course where your customers can easily see them from the show display. The stand is also easily portable to the shows.

Step 3

The other category is the jewelry show display shelf from store parts of the hardware. Find several materials from the hardware, thereafter, come up with an outstanding jewelry stand that is versatile. This therefore means, you can come up with a stand based on your ability and that suits your personal interest. Sometimes tracing a stand that is totally of your standard could be difficult in the case of a market. This therefore gives you an added advantage.

Step 4

You can still make one from plastic show display. Plastic is simple but truth being told it can be appealing as compared to other materials. As long as the best color is chosen, always expect the best of your results from plastic.

Step 5

There is still amazing approaches of arriving at the best jewelry show display stands. Instead of always going commercial, you can still have your wonderful stand made from wood. Wood is cheap and if converted into fine various shapes, it can always bring out the best of your results. They display both the earrings and the necklace hence making them reliable and quite effective. Back to the earrings, tree branches lashed with leather strips can easily make a natural ladder earring display. This display includes the likes of the rustic ladder earring display.

Step 6

A bare tree branch can also provide an adorable and awesome and artistic show display. Earrings are the most worn jewelry; therefore you should always have a mind of pleasing your clients as much as possible.

Tip 7

The way you show display your jewelry is what gives your clients a reason to perhaps look at them before even making a step of buying them. But, they can never buy before looking at them. Therefore, appeal their eyes and you will have a good number of them getting back to you from now and then.


At the show display, it could be difficult for someone to set up a table for their display. But, it is equally easy to display them. Most of the displays outlined above are quite portable. This therefore means, you can comfortably walk in with them and be assured to get the best results.

By Charles Githinji, published at 03/26/2012
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