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the Best Desktop Monitor

Published at 03/26/2012 13:42:43


the Best Desktop Monitor

As the world is moving so fast technology is replacing the old things in every field and you can guess if you are tired of your old computer monitor desktop and are in dire need of a new one. Maybe you should make yourself familiar with the LCD computer monitors desktop. The term LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and is also known as flat screens. LCDs have been widely used for a while, for example like in digital clocks and laptops everywhere. In the recent years they have become a standard for desktop monitors. During the same time, the LCDs have also conquered the TV market as well.

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Flat screen monitors desktop are much thinner and lighter than CRT which was Cathode Ray Tube monitors desktop. These LCDs also require less energy to work, and emit no electromagnetic radiations, and this technology enables much clearer images, much higher resolutions, and a flicker free display, which is much easier on the eyes.

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This article explains the various features of monitors desktop in general. It will help the people understand what they should watch out for when buying a new LCD computer monitor desktop.

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The screen size in desktop monitor desktop is measured in inches, diagonally from the bottom left of the screen to the upper right corner of the display screen. Available sizes in the market ranges from 15″ to 30″. The most common size for a desktop monitor today is 19″ to 26″, but it is not uncommon to buy larger sizes as well.

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Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is described as the relative number of horizontal to vertical pixels in a display screen. Standard CRT means Cathode Ray Tube monitor desktop were almost square with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Nowadays, people will find widescreen monitor desktop that have aspect ratios like movie theater screens such as 16:9 or 16:10 and normally16:9 are also called HD that is high definition monitors.

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Resolution is the number of pixels displayed horizontally and vertically in the display screen. Due to the nature of LCD technology nowadays, flat screens have only one optimized or native resolution.


the Best Desktop Monitor


Nowadays a desktop monitor desktop is simply more than just a display. It needs to be connected to a computer and possibly so many other devices. Hence people may need to know what type and how many ports are given in your desired monitor.



Considering all the above discussed features that must lie in a best desktop monitor desktop I would suggest the Dell Ultra Sharp U2412m Monitor Desktop. The Dell Ultra Sharp U2412m has great performance with excellent ergonomic supports and a robust and easy-to-navigate OSD with million and tons of options for customization. I expected the brand Dell to stay on its high-end and expensive course which it had already plotted for the series. It also has around five USB ports, and it is currently available for about $350 which is worth the features it has. It has great thoughtful design which is thin as well as light.