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the Best Database Monitoring Software


Each and every organization needs a database monitoring software for maintaining all the records safely. Below we are going to discuss some of the most famous software.


  • Manage Engine Applications Manager: This is a popular database monitoring software available in the market at present. It is an agent less server database management tool and can be used for various databases like IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase etc. It is very handy in telling the Database administrators and the system engineers about the performance related issues of the database.
  • Access Fix: Another popular database monitoring software this software is very useful in recovering the data from a damaged database. Though, strictly it should fall within the category of database recovery software, but due its wide use in detecting the damage within the database structure it is a popular monitoring tool.
  • Active Cipher for MS SQL Server: Security and cross checking security should be an important integrated part of the database monitoring software. This is what Active Cipher exactly does for MS SQL. Using the SHA 1 and other powerful encryption and decryption techniques these plug in tools collection helps in maintaining the security of the database.
  • Advanced Query tool: Though, designed primarily for Oracle, DB2, Sybase and MS SQL Server, but it is used in all ODBC databases for the purpose of advanced query. The difference between this advanced query tool and general SQL query tool actually allows it to be a database monitoring software. Using this tool, DBA and system administrators can query the internal system database.
  • Alligator SQL: Debugging and administering the Relational database is also very crucial from the point of view of a database monitoring software. This tool allows the DBA and the system administrators to debug the database structure properly and hence, administer changes too. This makes the management of the database structure even easier.

Additional information

  • App SQL Xpert: Using a real time monitoring technology this database monitoring software allows the DBA and the system administrators to keep a constant watch over the structure and the changes going on within the database structure. It even allows troubleshooting of the various issues that might arise within the structure of the database.
  • Fire scope BSM: This tool has been especially designed keeping the corporate business strategies in mind. This tool is a perfect database monitoring software and has been designed for those companies where virtual systems or virtual databases are existent. This software is primarily aimed at business intelligence monitoring.
  • Health monitor: This is a very powerful database monitoring software, which has been designed especially for those organizations where the database structure is of prime importance. This tool is used to check for errors and issues arising in the database and in the database structure.


  • Manage Engine SQL DB Manager plus: This tool is a popular database monitoring software for the organizations where SQL DB is being used. SQL DB though a light weight database, needs proper attention in terms of monitoring the issues and this software does that very well.
  • Power Vista Bridge: This is a very popular database creation and monitoring tool, which is used in many organizations for security reasons.
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