How To Use a Dual Monitor
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How To Use a Dual Monitor

Published at 03/27/2012 02:20:44


How To Use a Dual Monitor

Are you tired of having to switch windows for all your work? Are you the kind of person that needs to work on more than one computer at a time because you need to work on multiple screens? Well there is a better solution to that problem. The new laptops and windows OS allows its users to work on multiple screens. You usually see stock brokers with multiple monitors all connected to the same desktop hence you can even use a single desktop PC with dual monitor. These monitors can be used to either duplicate what you are seeing on your primary screen or use the second monitor as an extended desktop. You will be able to have to full screen windows all the time so it’ll be like watching a movie or a TV show on one monitor and working on your assignments on the other. So here’s what you need to do to make use of dual monitor.

Step 1

First keep both monitor side by side and give them each there power supply and switch the screen on. You’ll see a no display unit sign flashing. Now you have two options on how to connect the dual monitors to your PC or laptop. You could use the simple VGA monitor cable that came with the screen or you could use HDMI or you could use both, one for each monitor. Here we’ll connecting one monitor with a VGA cable and the other with an HDMI cable to the laptop\desktop PC.

Step 2

Now plug in the one end of the VGA cable to one of the dual monitor. The VGA cable is usually the ones with blue adapters at each end of the cable that needed to be screwed to the monitors for grip. Screw the cable in the blue pin spot and do the same with the other end in the laptop\desktop PC. Once done you’ll see, once the computer is switched on that the monitor is displaying the computer’s output.

Step 3

Now make sure the computer is switched on and that you are on the desktop screen. Connect the other monitor to the Laptop/Desktop PC with an HDMI cable. Once connected your Desktop will open a window, prompting you to choose one of four options for using dual screens, “Computer Only”, “Duplicate”, “Extend” and “Projector only”.

Step 4

Choose the Extended monitor option and then you will see that the second monitor is now receiving input from the PC as well. This will make the dual monitors active.

Step 5

Another window might open prompting you to change the screen resolution, if necessary change as sometimes the screen resolution is not compatible with the monitors. You will now have dual monitor running from a single PC.


How To Use a Dual Monitor

For using Dual monitor with just VGA input you will require two VGA cards in the desktop. Once both cards are connected to the monitor, the same window will be prompt you asking you to choose one of the four options. It is preferable these days to use HDMI cables for dual monitors as all monitors are now able to offer HD resolutions.

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