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Science works wonders for humanity. Polar monitors can be rightly categorized amongst such great wonders. A polar heart rate monitor is an extremely beneficial monitoring device that allows the user to accurately measure his or her heart rate at that instant. The results can be employed to later study the heart rate too.


Historically polar monitors simply consisted of electrode leads connecting the human body to the monitoring box. Did you know that Polar has been listening to your body since 1977? Primarily the first polar heart rate monitor was invented in 1977 to assist the Finnish National Cross Country Ski Team in their training. Gradually as athletes required more and more intensity training throughout the 80’s polar monitors became increasingly popular too. They began selling for personal use in retail outlets around 1983 and since then have continued to benefit swimmers, runners and even the layman. Prestigious companies like Heart Rate Monitor USA were set up to only produce polar monitors in the increased demand for them.


The most recently designed polar monitors consist of a chest strap transmitter coupled with a wrist receiver which may also serve as a regular mobile phone or a watch. Over years the use of liquid in polar monitors was replaced with conductive smart fabric that internally comprises of microprocessors that continuously analyse the inflow of signals to give readings of the heart rate in real time. The most recent polar monitors consist of a wrist watch with sensors that make it possible for the user to view his or her heart rate. Such features have added to the portability of polar monitors as well as to the comfort level of the user. Though the results are less detailed than those provided by the polar monitors using a chest strap, these wrist watch polar monitors serve the function for which they were designed pretty well too. Recently polar monitors have been extended to women’s sports bras making them an ideality for athletic women too.
Polar monitors are extremely beneficial as they not only provide accurate feedback of the user’s heart rate variability, activity, but also the user’s breathing rate to analyse the user’s fitness level. Internally set sensor fusion algorithms ensure that polar monitors can detect core temperature and dehydration in the subject when its first signs begin to appear. Getting the most out of your training doesn’t always mean working faster or harder. With a polar monitor, you can make sure you’re training in adequate amounts and not over or under training. Each training session becomes more fruitful as the subject knows his or her overall progress alongside training that adds to the motivation of the subject to remain fit.


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Recent innovations in the design of polar monitor includes heart rate watches and other added on accessories. From the Polar FT7 to the Polar FT40, there have been many diversified designs that are suited to each subject’s needs In short polar monitors allow users to train at the right intensity which results in an ideal fitness training. Perhaps this is why they have become popular not only amongst patients, models and athletes but also for personal use.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/29/2012
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