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How To Choose a Display Unit And Bookshelf


A display unit and bookshelf is something that is not usually considered an important part of the main furniture. Rather, they are considered something extra, which can only be added once the basic furnishings are complete. However, what people don’t realize is that a display unit and a shelf is a great way to complete the furniture set and thus are an integral part of the furnishings and décor. They cannot only make your house look more elegant, but also give the complete look to your home.

Step 1

To choose the best display unit for your home, first of all you have to decide what color of the wood you would want for your unit. The color collection has to be used matching the already present furniture in the room. If you have wooden floors, the unit must most definitely match the floors as the same wood can make the unit look as if it’s the extension of the floor.

Step 2

Secondly, one has to choose the design of the display unit. The design has to be somewhat recent and also similar to your furniture. Similarly, the sizes of the unit can also vary with the design. Some can be as high as the ceiling and others can be shorter and comparable to small tables. The size of the unit has to be kept in mind as well as it should feel one with the room.

Step 3

A confusing decision can be where to place the display unit or the bookshelf. As it is mainly a decoration set used to display your items and decoration pieces, the ideal location thus is to place it either in the dining room or the living room. The setting of the unit is important to note as then you can decide your unit’s color and design based on the living room or drawing room.

Step 4

Another thing to always keep in mind is whether your bookshelf or display unit is going to be used regularly or is it going to be just used once in a while for showcasing different items. For frequent usage, a strong and sturdy shelf should be used.

Step 5

Finally, one major thing that can help you decide what display unit to get is the items that you are going to put up on display. Bookshelves are usually simple without any added effects or designs whereas other display cases are usually showier and have special designs and things added to them. Larger units are also fitted with proper lighting and multiple effects so as to highlight the contents of the unit. If you place your unit in the drawing room, dinner sets and fancy plates are the ideal thing to place in the unit.


A good display unit can really uplift the look of your home and can make one old room look new. The idea is similar to that of making a separate trophy room for your prized collections, but instead of a whole room, you can showcase them in one display unit and present it for all your guests to see.

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