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The new table tablets are really starting to create hype especially after Microsoft demonstrated it at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2010. Let’s first learn a few things about tablet’s Displays system. Tablets are essentially large portable screens designed to conveniently view images, videos and surf the net using touch screen. The same technology can be applied to larger displays size only then the portability of it is gone. Yet people still want it and the way Apple and Microsoft are designing it to be on top of large tables, it actually seems feasible and kind of cool to have at home. The Display unit of a tablet is the single most expensive and important component on the table, no matter what the size. This is where the competition really is, you’ll see a million tablets in the market and they probably all look the same but the real way you can differentiate is by aligning them all together and comparing the display pixel or resolution size and its colors.


Now another main issue in tablet displays is that because of reduced power, that is having battery power makes the colors less saturated and the picture kind of dull and boring. Luckily with Table Tablets that’s not the issue since there is no way you could support that huge of a screen on battery. Now coming to the table tablets, Microsoft has officially teamed up with Samsung and is planning to open supply of Table tablets on pre-order basis in 2012. Currently only available in only 23 countries, including the U.S the table tablet is priced at $8400. The 40 inch table screen is said to feature windows 7 along with the Surface 2.0 software and the best part is wall mountable. The screen has 1,920 X 1,080 resolutions, AMD GPU, 2.9GHz Athlon dual-core processors and an internal hard disk. The hard disk space is around 320 GB with 4 GB memory. For connectivity the Table offers HDMI, USB and Ethernet ports.


The use of the surface software allows us to take important characteristics (the multi touch function and the screen size) to the limit. The displays have more than fifty simultaneous touch points that is enabled by pixel sense, allowing users to use fingers, thumbs objects and anything that touches the screen to operate it. The latest surface i.e. Surface 2.0 just makes the game more interesting and the hardware has a thickness of only 4 inches making the entire table tablet touch operated from corner to corner.

Tips and comments

The table tablet display system is only being marketed today as business tool. Although the table displays are well sized for a lounge, their most practical use is in a more commercial sense in Hospitals, airports, schools and retail stores but you can always order it. Just contact Samsung and ask them to have it delivered to your doorstep and make your living room a whole lot cooler. Apple also is planning to launch the table tablet displays but is yet to hit the market with the product.

By Amara, published at 03/31/2012
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