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How To Get Monitor To Display Multiple Screens

Published at 04/03/2012 21:03:08


Multiple computer screens are useful if you need to perform multiple tasks on a laptop or desktop. Modern computers have graphics cards or video cards that support the connection of a primary monitor or display screen. The conventional port on a desktop computer is called video graphics array, or a VGA connection. The monitor that is used on a desktop system connects via this VGA connection using a blue and black cable. Laptop LCD screens interface directly with the motherboard and there is no exposed cable that you have to connect and disconnect.

The video or graphics card may also support an additional connection or two. The laptop's video card may support VGA connections on the outside of the case so that you can set up multiple monitors using your laptop as the hub. Both desktop and laptop video cards may both support the S-video format, which is the most connection used to connect to a standard television set or flat screen TV.

Get set up with multiple monitors is quite easy no matter what type of connection you have.


Step 1

Use the shortcut key in Windows 7 to open the utility that will change from using one monitor to multiple display screens. There really isn't a name for this function. It simply exists for a few moments on the screen, long enough to let you change to using multiple monitors. Find the Windows logo key at the bottom of your keyboard.


Step 2

Press the Windows logo key and the letter P on the keyboard at the same time. This reveals the pop up box that shows the various display options in the operating system, including the ability to use multiple monitors.

Step 3

Click on the display option that is called Duplicate. This means that you are copying the display from your primary screen on the laptop or desktop to the screen on a second computer.


Step 4

Pause for a moment, allowing the computer to connect to the other monitor. You can actually look over at the monitor and see that it is powering up and showing the Windows desktop display on the screen.


Step 5

Test to see if the duplication of the monitor display to the other monitor was successful by moving your mouse cursor between screens.


You can watch movies from the Internet on the TV display at home instead of using the monitor.

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