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Screen monitors are the most important part of a computer. This is because you can see all the process and output of computers on screen monitors. Everyone requires classy screen monitors to make their experience better and efficient. There are so many different types of screen monitors that it becomes difficult to select the best one. But screen monitors depend on different factors like what is your usage? For what purpose you need it like for monitoring section in any news channels or for your home usage. The main thing is how much money you want to spend to buy a screen monitors. Because the more you will give, the best monitor will be in your hands. Screen monitors are said to be the old version now because of the latest models of LCDs and LEDs. But these screen monitors are still used in different organization and stock exchanges.


Screen monitors are easily accessible in different colors and sizes as well. Most common colors are black and white. Size of these monitors ranges from 14inches to 22inches. You can select the size and color according to your needs and budget as well. Brand new screen monitors are not available in markets, only branded and used item are available. This is because these are the old version of monitors and they are replaced by LCD monitors and LED monitors as well. Screen monitors are of efficient use and they have strong color tubes but now days, they are not preferred just because of their large size. Screen monitors usually needs proper placement and proper area.


There are so many companies who used to made screen monitors and now they are manufacturing LCDs and LEDs. These companies are DELL, COMPAQ, HP, ACER, COMPAQ, SONY, SAMSUNG, NEC, LENOVO, IBM and many other also. These companies are famous and prominent in these manufacturing just because of the high quality and durable mechanism. Getting the best screen monitors is not a big deal now with the presence of countless computer shops and online websites. The choice is totally yours what kind of screen resolution you want that suit your work also. This will help you a lot in buying the best screen monitors for you. You can find massive information on different websites like


Normally people select the screen monitors or LCDs according to the brightness levels. Most of the people love to watch movies and high brightness gives them a great entertainment. So, different people have different moods while buying screen monitors or LCDs for them. Screen monitors are normally stronger in quality as compare to LCDs and they are also durable for years. LCDs are the new inventions but are sensitive and are not so much durable. There are different qualities in screen monitors also, for example flat screen monitors, wide screen monitors etc. This gives a great opportunity to the buyer to select the monitor screen according to his needs. Screen monitors normally consume high electricity as compare to LCDs which is also the reason people prefer LCDs on screen monitors.

By Mariah John, published at 04/03/2012
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