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About the Use Of Blood Monitor


It is very common among people these days to get high blood pressure and glucose levels. It has become so common among every other person these days that even the healthiest lifestyle fails to be of any advantage. Daily exercise, going to the gym, walks, taking special care of diet; every small detail and the life long war against and type of disease is lost when it comes to these two conditions. Both don’t display any kinds of symptoms which is the most dangerous since they can prove to be fatal and life threatening. Thus, a blood monitor is an extremely essential item which everyone needs to possess. It is important that one gets there blood glucose and pressure checked time to time and thus possessing a blood monitor is the most convenient way. It is best to keep this instrument at home


People progressing in there life and age should get themselves checked from time to time since everyone is bound to catch some kind of disease or other later in life. High blood pressure and high glucose level are the most common and should be monitored with much regularity. People possessing one of these two diseases should own a blood monitor to suit there convenience since they cannot go everyday to the clinic to get themselves checked. A device present at home is the most convenient and won’t have to depend on others. Not only is it affordable but easy to use as well. They are easy to read since there customers come in the age category of the people who have retired and elderly people, with weakened reflexes and senses.


A blood monitor is used for people suffering from hyper tension, which is blood pressure. It is designed like a cuff with a monitor on a sling that is to be placed on the person’s wrist. It is extremely easy to use. The first step is to cool down and relax the user so that his blood doesn’t get worked up and preferably on an empty stomach. The cuff has to be placed below the elbow and just a little above the wrist, this position being most important since the results can record an error then. Sitting posture should also be straight and erect since slouching can also affect the result. Now there are two kinds of blood monitors. There is one without an air tube that has the cuff to be placed above the elbow and the one without any tube, placing the cuff only on the wrist. Both are effective giving exact same results. Once you’ve pushed the start button, the results is displayed in seconds giving one a clear reading.

Tips and comments

The blood monitor should be used on an empty stomach and take a gap of around thirty minutes after drinking or eating something since more effective results are obtained this way. One should be calmly seated while using the blood monitor and not while walking or climbing the stairs since the blood pressure is automatically raised like this.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/13/2012
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