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Tips And Ideas For a Color Laser Printer

Published at 03/01/2012 05:17:46


The laser printer works by printing great quality images rapidly onto paper. Its laser directly infuses ink on the paper with the use of a laser. They're very quick, efficient printers that are fantastic for printing documents. However, they have some problems printing photographs.

Step 1

Do your best to keep your color laser printer clean. Keeping the printer clean can sometimes be overlooked, but it shouldn't be. Keeping your printer clean should be just as important as keeping your computer clean. Every once in a while, take the printer apart (consult the printer's manual before doing this) to clean it out. Wipe the printer off with a damp cloth at least once a week. Do your best to keep dust and anything similar away from the printer.

Step 2

When it's time to replace the toner cartridges, handle them carefully. This is important because the cartridges act as a liquid, and mishandling them can cause permanent damage. Damage can include: drum damage,spills, blank pages,structural damage, and more. Never shake one of these cartridges, and never remove them once they're installed unless you absolutely have to, or you're about to replace them. Also, never install a cartridge while the power to your color laser printer is on.

Step 3

Use paper that has been approved for your color laser printer. It's important to do this because certain types of paper (usually paper that hasn't been approved) can cause some serious damage to your printer. To see which papers have been approved for your printer, consult the printer manual or user's guide. Avoid any papers that have not been approved for the use of a color laser printer.

Step 4

Be sure to calibrate your color laser printer when it needs it. Lack of calibration could result in blurred printing. Also, be sure to calibrate your printer (run full calibration) every time you change or replace the toner.

Step 5

If your color laser printer is having any problems, be sure to alert the printer's service company. Sometimes problems occur with laser printer's that the company may not be aware of. If a problem such as this occurs, alert them as soon as possible so that they can fix it, in your printer, and in any other printer that might be experiencing similar problems.

Top 3 Color Laser Printers

  1. Dell 5130cdn: This printer features great photo quality, speedy printing time, and a plethora of features. Also, the toner comes cheaper then most other printers, which is a definite plus.
  2. Lexmark C792de: The main bonus of this color laser printer is its incredible speed. While the toner is more expensive then some of its competition, it's still not the most expensive out there.
  3. Lexmark C734dn: This color laser printer is nice because it comes cheaper then its competitors, it still manages to produce a quality image (though potentially over-saturated), and it's as fast and efficient as most quality office laser printer's.


To avoid problems, be sure to take proper care of your color laser printer. Some of the best things to do are to maintain its cleanliness, and learn how to handle the toner cartridges properly.


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