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How To Use a Color Laser Printer


In order for your color laser printer to work properly, it needs to be well taken care of. Proper maintenance of this type of printer can be challenging. Most don't even know where to start. This article will provide steps that will help you on your way to proper care and cleaning of your color laser printer.

Step 1

Be sure to properly store any supplies that you buy for your printer. For a color laser printer to be working at its full potential, the printer and all of its supplies need to be kept in an appropriate temperature and environment. Keep your printer and its supplies in an area with a temperature of 60-75 degrees. If you have to store a toner cartridge instead of putting it inside of your printer, be sure that you place it back into its original packaging, and do your best to store it away from any office activities.

Step 2

When you have to handle the ink toner cartridges, be as careful as you possibly can. Damages to the toner cartridge may cause damage to your color laser printer as well. Damage may include ink spills, pages being printed blank, drum damage, structure damage, etc.. Do your best not to remove the toner cartridge after it has been installed, however, if you have to, be sure to turn the power off to the printer.

Step 3

When buying paper for your color laser printer, be sure to use only paper that has been approved specifically for your printer. Using heavy paper, transparencies, stock paper, etc. could potentially damage your printer. The best place to look to find out if a type of paper is approved for your printer is the user's manual. Store the paper in the same conditions you would your other supplies so that your printer can perform at its full potential.

Step 4

Be sure to do your best to keep the color laser printer clean. Cleanliness can play an important role in how well the printer functions. This is very important as dust tends to accumulate inside of the printer. When you're getting ready to clean your printer, be sure to take the toner cartridges out, handling them as carefully as possible. Be sure that you don't use compressed air to blow the dust out, instead use a vacuum to suck out the dust and debris.

Step 5

Make a habit of periodically calibrating your color laser printer. Not doing so can often result in a blurry, or distorted final product. Whenever it's time for you to change the ink toner cartridge, do another calibration (in fact, it's best to run a full calibration.) Calibration can usually be accomplished right on the printer's menu, rather then having to access it on your PC.


Never take out a toner cartridge without powering the color laser printer off first. When handling the toner cartridge, be as careful with it as possible.

Never used canned air when cleaning out a color laser printer, this might damage the printer.

Tips and Comments

There are "cleaning sheets" available that will aid in the care and cleaning of your color laser printer. Just run these sheets through your printer as you would any normal piece of paper, and it will do the cleaning for you. It's still recommended, however, that you take your printer apart every now and then to properly clean it.

By Savanna Lujan, published at 03/01/2012
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