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Great Advice For a Color Printer Laser


Essentially, this is the inkjet printers’ counterpart. The color printer laser rapidly prints high quality images onto regular paper. Color printer lasers work by directly fusing ink onto the printer paper with the use of a laser. It’s a very quick process in comparison to ink jet printers, and may even save on ink. The color printer laser has some problems when it comes to printing high quality photographs, as they can sometimes turn out distorted. However, it has no problems printing documents, and can do it quickly and efficiently.


First, consider the advantages and disadvantages of a color printer laser. While inkjet printers are cheaper, they don’t print as quickly as a laser printer. Also, with a laser printer you won’t have to change out the ink cartridges quite as frequently. However, they are more expensive then a color inkjet printer, and they have some trouble printing high quality photographs. Decide which color printer laser is right for you: There are four different types of laser printers. The Monochrome Laser Printer, the Color Laser Printer, the Personal Laser Printer, and Workgroup Lasers.


Monochrome Laser Printers are the best in the way of price and speed, and their perfect for a home office. This printer is perfect for printing text, and the occasional graphic or picture. However, it should primarily be used to print text. These are fairly cheap, and usually sell for about $200. Color Laser Printers are fantastic for smaller businesses that may need to print color brochures, or similar products. Given they are fairly expensive, they’re best suited for small businesses or offices. Though anyone looking to print high quality advertising such as magazines or brochures should definitely keep these quick and efficient printers in mind.

Tips and comments

Personal Laser Printers are monochromatic for the most part, and aren’t seen as often as Personal Inkjet Printers. While color printer lasers are becoming more affordable for the general populace, (roughly $1,000) they still aren’t seen very often. Workgroup Lasers are designed for multiple people to use, and carry features such as duplex printing, multiple trays, sorting and stapling, etc. These printers have particularly fast processors, so that they can properly be used by multiple users.

Keep your printer clean:

The cleaning of a color printer laser is often overlooked, however it should be considered just as important as keeping the PC clean. Every so often, consult your printer manual to take your laser printer apart to clean it out. Also, be sure to keep clean the outside of your printer with a cloth.

Buy high quality toner and paper:

In buying low quality toner you run the risk of causing low functionality and hardware problems in your printer. The safest route involves taking the manufacturers recommendation when buying paper and toner.

Cleaning sheets:

It’s possible to buy cleaning sheets that you can run through your printer. These help to clean out the inside of your printer without forcing you to take it apart.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 02/10/2012
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