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How To Print And Scan At the Same Time


Scanning and printing is basically a multi-functional machine. Now in this speedy world everything is going in advance and efficient so the importance of scanning and printing at a time is necessary because nobody have time to waste and wait for print and scan one by one. Many products we have seen in market. It’s up to you what’s you look for according to your needs. Like if you want to give input immediately and print a document and you want to scan it urgently because you need a soft copy then after printing it automatically without wasting any time start scanning and save into its own memory.

Step 1

If you need to transfer it into computer you can do it easily. There is also a memory available that if you want to print and scan hard copies urgently and in fact your computer is switched off you can easily do it.

Step 2

Canon Pixma iP100 has the ability to print and scan portably, that’s reputation in two in one printer and scanner models present at the top of list. There is a proper procedure present if you follow this you better understand what is the benefit of using it. Here I am presenting you a model in which it contains three components.

Step 3

There are lot of effects comes just because of mild cropping. Whenever you need to start scanning the document or image. Then it is important to crop the background of that specific image or unwanted image that you don’t want to print and scan. Moreover you will do it manually or it automatically processed. This is the point where image mild cropping is expected.

Step 4

Second component is the high frequency noise of the colors. In print and scan processes, the digital half toning can be seen at the end result of the image. All of these are supplementary in high-frequency noise. The disturbance of high frequency spectrum of this image is just because of noise. Thus for data inserting high frequency measurements cannot be used.

Step 5

Disturbance of non-linear is the third and the main component. There is a presence of non-linearity in both print and scan process. The gamma correction is also contains in it that happens when scanning come in occurrence.

In short, print and scan process at the same time is really a good achievement and if you need data on urgent basis then don’t worry, because both scanning and printing is available now. The main thing is the input, if you offer an input then printer will start printing the documents in whatever way you want to print and then automatically start the scanning process. 


There is really an increase in demand of portable printer scanner models. We have not considered their market but still there is a regular need of that type of products that make our life quicker. However, it is advised to to go for the most expensive one unless you have an urgent need for it. The prices of these products come down quickly, so you can get them on cheap.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/05/2012
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How To Print And Scan At the Same Time. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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