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How To Print on Photo Paper

Published at 03/10/2012 20:38:04


So you have got a great digital camera with which to take photographs, a fine computer to modify them, and a color printing device and photo paper to print on, but you can never get them to print properly. Printing your pictures on the right papers is essential to getting high-quality images. Simply photo copier papers might be available, but it doesn't work well for pictures, leading to images that look lifeless and light. Find out how to choose the right photo papers for sharp, vivid pictures that you will not be able to wait to share and display.

Step 1

The type of papers that you choose to print on could be the best way to printing excellent images. You might use plain papers or ink jet papers for routine printing, but to make a high-quality print suitable for showing to friends and family, you should use a top quality shiny or flat photo papers. For best results, be sure to match the papers kind option with what you have in the printer. Check your manufacturer’s recommendation for your printer.

Step 2

There are a variety of photo papers on the market and you should know the difference to be able to choose the right paper to print on. High gloss, soft gloss, and glossy, Semi-gloss and matte are the main types of paper and they range from extremely shiny to flat, and in between. Glossy paper generates deep, vivid colors, while flat paper offers rich designs and avoids finger prints.

Step 3

Begin by creating an additional copy of your image before adjusting to print on photo paper. Add an expansion to the name such as “name-original” to make it apparent that it is not to be modified.

Step 4

Start up your preferred picture graphic software, or download free software such as GIMP. Adjust the image as needed and crop off additional components so the image is the right dimension. Choose which aspect of the image you can delete and which to keep. What you are trying to obtain is the right dimension "ratio." This is the variety of pixels large as opposed to variety of pixels high. Determine the appropriate pixel dimension. For example, if you want to print on a 3 x 5 inches picture papers, then your image must have a dimension rate of 3 to 5, or 3/5ths. The pixel dimension needs to be the same rate.

Step 5

Adjust the color, did you know that transforming an over-exposed picture to a dark and bright colored can immediately increase its look, making it among the top printing techniques for excellence. Keep in mind that when looking to create a high-quality dark-colored and bright image it requires well-measured comparison and tonal levels - something only possible through picture modifying programs. Be careful to only changed dark areas to sustain their dynamics so the picture does not appear washed-out when you print on paper.


Choose ink that is resistance to water, smudging, aging, and fading. The safest ink is one that is recommended by your printer’s manufacture. Help improve photo prints by selecting paper to print on with an ink that perfectly complements your images.

Sources and Citations

If you do not have your printer's direction, look it up online. Most manufacturers put their guideline online.


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