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How Does a Scanner Scan a Photo

Published at 03/15/2012 17:14:41


A photo scanner is a very useful instrument to have around your computer. You can use a photo scanner to scan all your old photos and transform them into digital format. Digital cameras are very used right not but people still have old photographs and they wish to scan and turn them into a digital format. Having all your pictures in a digital format can be very helpful because you can create digital albums and you can also upload old photos to any social website like Facebook or Twitter.

A photo scanner is a device that can scan pictures, text or even handwriting. The photo scanner optically scans the photo that is placed on the scanning surface. The majority of modern photo scanners use the CCD (charge-coupled device) technology. The CCD photo scanner has a glass pane and under it a bright light is placed. The bright light is often a xenon or cold cathode fluorescent bulb that illuminates the glass pane. Usually a CCD photo scanner has three rows of sensors for red, green and blue colors. The light source in a photo scanner is movable and it moves from one end to the other to light the document. The movable light is followed by a movable mirror that sends the image to a fixed mirror and then the image reaches the CCD capture device where the red, blue and green sensors transform the light into an image.
For a photo scanner resolution is very important, usually a photo scanner has a resolution of 600 DPI. Scanners can handle documents that are 23 x 28 cm or 9” x 11” this is larger than A4 paper.

If you want to transform all your old photographs into digital images you can use a photo scanner. If you have a lot of pictures then the process can take a lot of your time. You can send your pictures to a scanning shop but this will cost your. If you have the patience you can manually scan all your old photographs, this can be also fun because you have time to remember all the details regarding the photo.
Photo scanners are very useful for documents also and you can scan your important documents to keep them in a digital format. You might need scanned documents for online shopping so a photo scanner is a very useful piece of hardware.

Photo scanners can also recognize handwriting but for this you will need specialized software that can detect your handwriting. You can transform you essays into a digital format and then you can print the document. A photo scanner can ease your work a lot and scanners are not very expensive. You should always have a scanner close by because you might never know when you are going to need one.

If you want to buy a photo scanner you might try an all-in-one printer, they are equipped with scanners and you can save a lot space. You can scan almost everything using a photo scanner some people discovered that a scanner can also be used in art.



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