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Great Advice For a Fax Scanner


A fax scanner printer is more commonly known as an all-in-one printer. This device has the ability to serve a variety of functions, such as faxing, scanning, printing, and copying. The great part about owning a fax scanner is that you can use the scanning bed to easily fax your documents to another fax machine because you can use this device for several different things. It will take up less space in your house, as you will only need one fax scanner all in one to do all of your tasks with. A fax scanner is the perfect option for home or business use.

Step 1

When buying a fax scanner, be sure to purchase one that you know you will use a lot. There are many different manufacturers that make fax scanner devices, such as Canon, Epson, Dell, and more. The easiest way to find a high quality fax scanner is to read online reviews from other users. By checking out reviews online, you can see which brands and models of all in one devices are the best according to users. If you notice a fax scanner that has a bad user rating, see why they are not happy with the product. This is also a sign to stay away from purchasing this fax scanner model.

Step 2

Buy a fax scanner when they are on sale. All in one printers, fax machines, and scanners always go on sale at different retailers like Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot. Simply check your weekly sales circulars that come in your home newspaper each week. These stores should have flyers with their latest sales. Fax scanner machines go on sale in different stores at different times, so you will want to view all of the sale flyers to see where you can get a high quality machine and a low price. If you can save money on a fax scanner, you should. Just because another fax scanner is more expensive, does not mean that it is much better than a less expensive model. It all depends on the features that you need and want.

Step 3

When using a fax scanner, you can fax your documents and photos through the scanner bed. This is a much easier option than inserting the documents through the paper tray. Simply lift open the scanner and place your document face down. Close the lid and dial the fax number on your device to start the fax. If you can not fit the entire document on the scanner bed at once, just move the document once the first page has sent, for it to scan and send the rest. In addition to using the scanner bed for faxing, you can also use it to scan photos and documents right onto your computer.


Look at all of the fax scanner devices that are in stock before choosing one to purchase. Read all of the features and decide which one will be the best buy for your needs. Decide whether you are only looking for a fax machine that uses a scanner bed, or if you would rather have something that can print and copy as well.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 03/15/2012
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