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How To Choose a Scanner Printer Fax Machine

Published at 03/11/2012 17:30:42


Multifunctional office equipment is now very common on the market. It saves disk space, money, and time. They are widely used in home and small business offices. A multifunctional scanner printer fax has its own problem. They cant use all the functions adequately. You must choose a perfect multifunctional scanner printer fax for quality printing, high resolution scanning and superior fax capabilities.

Step 1

In a multifunctional scanner printer fax, printer is one of the most basic services it must provide. Printers now are very fast and have great visual output. The cost of printers has decreased tremendously over the years. It is not mandatory to transfer the file to a computer to get the print out. With the help of a memory stick, printers can print out the file for you. Printers are of two types: Laser printer and Inkjet printers. Ink jet printers are less costly than the Laser printer but, the output of the laser printer is same as the ink jet printers.

Step 2

The mechanism used in laser printer differs from the ink jet printers. Ink jet printers use ionized inks on the piece of paper for printing. Mostly, two cartridges are used in case of ink jet printers: one for black and another for magenta, yellow and cyan. Water resistant inks are also available for ink jet printers. Laser printer on the other hand, uses laser beam on the drum of the printer which is then rolled onto the sheets of paper.

Step 3

The scanner is the secondary function of a multifunctional scanner printer fax. It is an input device, which takes inputs such as graphics, texts and photos and stores it in the computer. The quality of the scanner is determined by the resolution of the scanner. The resolution is defined by the dpi (dots per inch). If the dots per inch are high then the quality of the image is also high (clear and sharp). The color depth quality also determines the different colors. Here pixel is used to measure the color depth. A pixel is small point which constitutes the whole image.

Step 4

The fax function is one of the oldest methods of transferring files through phone lines. It thoroughly scans the pages, which the user is trying to send and convert it into a light and dark spots. These dots are translated into audio nature and then transmitted over the phone line. It is very obvious that a multifunctional scanner printer fax needs to have telephone connection to use this service.

Step 5

The speed of the modem decides the speed of the transfer of documents. Usually the speeds are about 15 Kbps or 34Kbps. In order to store and send the image on the page, for the purpose of sending or receiving, memory is needed. Generally, the memory of a good fax is about 512Kb.


There are many companies that sell a printer, but before purchasing you must research.

Additional information regarding printers is available on Google.


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