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How To Check Your Computer Systems Health


All the computers have a limited life but the more we take care of them from day one the better they perform and for much longer they survive. In all versions of Windows the data is being constantly written and rewritten to the hard drive and the registry file keeps track of these changes that are being done.

Step 1

Whenever you add and deleted data it gradually slows down your system and can make it more unstable as a result. It would be very hectic to repeat a system test every day or week but here are the key things you should do every few months to make sure your systems health.

Step 2

Those include regular defragging and temporary file cleaning as well as tracking system reliability over time. The performance of the system always depends upon the systems health and if system is healthy then the tasks will be performed quickly and efficiently and the system will never slow down.

Step 3

All the operating systems have different ways of assuring system health even in windows versions they all have a different systems health checking criteria. Windows 7 or window Vista has its features of troubleshooting tools so you have no need of installing or buying a third party tools to check your system health. To access it you have to go to start menu search box and type performance and then click performance information and tools.

Step 4

When the Performance Information and Tools window opens you will see a list of links and from there select advanced tools and click on generate a systems health report option. Now this tool will generate the system health report of your system which would include the software configuration, hardware configuration, CPU information and errors detail if present any.

Step 5

There comes also a Systems Health check suite which is a set of tools that assesses the health of your computing environment by identifying the security, performance and configuration problems before they can affect your functions and operations. This systems health check has a lot of benefits to your system as it reduces your time to resolve problems using the information. It prioritizes the problem areas first which allow the most effective management of your system. It reveals opportunities for additional ways to help you through consulting services and proactive management.


The System Health Check Service provides a service report automatically through online email service. This service recommends if you are aware of self help tools and would like to manage your own system. This report includes an executive summary, findings and recommendations and is delivered electronically. They might even contact you through the phone also just to check either you received the report or not.


Many of the anti-viruses also provide the service of systems health check. They have an option of systems health where you can always check the performance and status report of your system. It also highlights the causing factors that maybe affecting your system performance and in some software’s it even show you how to overcome the performance issues the system is lacking.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/01/2012
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