How To Create a Free Blog
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How To Create a Free Blog

Published at 03/21/2012 21:58:54


How To Create a Free Blog

First let’s discuss the definition of a blog. A blog is a short form of the term weblog. This refers to a recent and frequent compilation or collection of personal opinions and comments on a specific website. A free Blog reflects the ideas, views and opinions of the particular person that writes it. This person is referred to as a blogger. This article will discuss how to make a blog free!

To blog has become a new popular way of expressing feelings in the 21st century. People have the ability to create a completely free blog where their thoughts and opinions are shared with dozens of other people. These sites can be referred to as a room where different ideas and opinions are expressed collectively. They help drive social conversation and aid in the connection of individuals with the same interest through different community forums and live discussions.

Step 1

A free blog can be built for posting updates on people's daily lives, interests, hobbies, work and anything else that they prefers. A free blog can also help to earn money. Users have the ability to utilize their own domain name with no advertisements that are displayed from the hosting provider. Therefore one can earn money by the creation of a free blog.

Step 2

A great way to make a free blog is by using a blogging site that is free to use. Free blog sites like and word press allow online publishers make free blogs or articles without much hassle.

Step 3

The free sites offer so many services that are especially designed for the users or bloggers to create and maintain great posts. They are equipped with dozens of themes that allow one to change the blog from fun to crazy to a professional style by just the click of a button.

Step 4

A lot of other free blog communities are available from where one can publish instant information to make the blog more personalised. These sites can make free blog templates that are available to all users and they even offer free blog tutorials.

Step 5

There are also different tools that come with free blog platforms. These allow users to share their posts on popular online social networking sites like Facebook. A user also has the ability to post a free blog from his or her mobile phone.


How To Create a Free Blog

On the other hand, there is a big problem with accounts created on free blogging sites like TypePad and LiveJournal. These blogging services have the authority to destroy blogs completely. So for instance, if a blogging service finished their business, users would sadly lose all their blogs. That is why it is important to do a bit of research before you choose a website to create a free blog.


So as you can see, it will take a mere ten to fifteen minutes to create a free blog. It is important to note that your free blog should have good quality content and a friendly way of expression. The content and amount of effort that you put into your blog will determine its popularity.


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