How To Shop For Low Cost Office Supplies Paper
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How To Shop For Low Cost Office Supplies Paper

Published at 03/18/2012 02:47:01


How To Shop For Low Cost Office Supplies Paper

There are a number of different products that you will need for the smooth functioning of your office and they all are very important. Office stationary needs to be readily available whenever required. There is a variety of office supplies including Staplers, ink cartridges, fax paper, stationary, calculators, calendars, markers, notepads, whiteboards and many more.

One of the most important office supplies is paper. Paper is very essential and your office needs a lot of it. Since it’s going to be needed at all times, one must know where to get it at low cost. This article will tell us how to shop for low cost office supplies paper.

Step 1

Before we shop for office supplies paper, let’s see how we can utilize the most of the paper that is currently in the office. When that paper has been effectively used, then we can go out and shop for more.

You don’t have to print everything. This especially applies to internet pages. An internet page consumes a lot of coloured ink. It will find ink and ink cartridges working overtime to blend all the colours together for the desired look. If you really need to print the page, use black ink only and save the rest for presentation drafts.

Step 2

Always try to use both sides of the page. You may find savings in using the legal size paper that you only used 20 sheets of. Many people neglect it and use it mostly for drafts. If there is an important presentation approaching, think about putting 4-6 printed pages on one single page. This will save loads of ink in the cartridge and office supplies paper.

Step 3

The photocopier is an extremely important machine in the office. If that machine breaks down then it can bring even the busiest office to a halt within seconds. When looking for office supplies paper for your photocopier, there are many different types of office supplies paper to choose from. There is computer paper, Laser paper, Ink Jet paper, photo paper, matte paper, glossy paper, printer paper, recycled copy paper, and copy paper.

Step 4

The issues you need to deal with when choosing your office supplies paper are the weight, brightness, opacity, and smoothness of the paper. These factors determine the quality of your prints.

The weight of the paper is calculated by the weight of a 500 sheet slab of 17 x 22 inches. The heavier the paper, the more durable it is. It will also have a better feel to it. Always remember that heavier paper should be used for presentations and high quality applications.

Step 5

Opacity is a measure of how much light passes through a sheet of paper. The less light passing through, the more opaque the office supplies paper. The standard 20 lb paper is relatively clear, and it should not be used for presentations against a lit background since that would make it translucent. Brightness refers to the contrast of the paper, and how far from white it appears to look. The higher the contrast number, the better the quality of your copies.


How To Shop For Low Cost Office Supplies Paper

Smoothness of office supplies paper refers to how smooth the paper is. Laser printers and copiers use toner and ink. Therefore these benefit greatly from a smoother paper. On the other hand, inkjet printers produce better quality images on rougher textured paper.

So we can see how the choice of office supplies paper can affect the quality of our prints. When you’re printing, use smooth heavy weight bright paper. On the other hand if you’re only using it for internal affairs that are not too quality important, then opt for standard cheap 20 lb paper.


To shop for low cost office supplies paper, simply surf the internet for companies that have the best buys. Companies that sell whole stocks will be cheaper than normal shops. Use words like, cheap, best buy, affordable, lowest rate etc… to search for the paper. Some websites that provide office supplies paper at the lowest rates include,, and


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