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How To Sale Bank Food


Bank food is a group or agency that collects food and distributes it to the non-profit organization, which in turn feed the needy people. Selling bank food doesn’t mean sale of the agency, instead it means to sell for its benefit. Usually kind hearted people go for holding some occasions to help the needy people e.g. garage sale. The basic aim behind such occasions is to work for the benefit of people who are in real need. For example; when earth quake occurred many people sell their photographs to make money, to be donated to the food bank.

Step 1

Bank food operates like a distributor but it transfer goods to charities and not to retailers. The largest portion of food donations comes from left over of profit making companies. Other sources include the general public or government grants. The idea of the food bank was first discovered in 1967, since then this way of help has grown enough to serve thousands. These agencies were founded on temporary basis which became permanent later. Hunger and food go together, although banks food cannot eliminate hunger but still they are a hope for many.

Step 2

There are many ways to help needy people, what you need is to have a will or instinct for it. What you are selling for does not matter, the thing which matters is the money (to be donated) rose by making such sale. However, ways of raising funds may gives an insight about what should be done and how.

Step 3

If you have the money in hand, you can go and deposit it to the nearby bank food. But if you need to produce money by fund raising schemes, then it is a little tough job.

Step 4

You can raise funds by selling something or by collecting donations from the common people. But if you are a creative person sale becomes very easy, as you can create something for sale. No worries if you are not an artist. As you can go for garage sale i.e. selling your own clothing, handbags, jewelry and other daily life items.

Step 5

Apart from sale, you can submit food items to the bank food as well. You can grow food items like vegetables on your own or donate the left over food if you are a food producing company.


If you are interested in donation of food items, you should go for the items that are useful to the bank food. Do not give perishable goods if they are not to be used readily. These items include grain products, milk products or vegetables. Preparing a complete meal box with complete nutrition for a single person is a good idea.


Contact the bank food and ask what kind of food they want for charities. It will help the bank food to make your donation count. Otherwise it may go into waste and your efforts will go in vain. So, it’s better to contact an agency which can guide you in a better way. I hope these tips will help you find the best food that will make your day enjoyable.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/05/2012
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