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How To Protect Yourself From Spleen Diseases


Spleen diseases are very common in the world. Statistics on the internet regarding spleen disease suggest that every one person out of seven suffers from any of the numerous spleen diseases at some time in his/ her life. Before we narrow down our focus to what measures actually protects us from various spleen diseases, we should considerably bring to our knowledge, what spleen disease is all about?


Our spleen is an organ situated right above our stomach and is situated under your ribs on your left side. If we want to know its estimated dimensions, it would come to our awareness that our spleen is approximately as big as your fist. The spleen is an integral part of our lymphatic system, which combats infection and maintains the balance of our body fluids. It constitutes of white blood cells that combat germs. Our spleen is also responsible to look after the amount of blood in our body, and removes old and damaged cells.


There are multiple diseases, which might leave you spleen in a swollen state. One can also damage or rupture your spleen during an injury, more probably if it is previously swollen. If your spleen is extremely damaged, you might need to go into a surgery. As per spleen’s role in the immune system, infections are very much likely to affect the spleen, causing a very renowned spleen disease known as splenomegaly, commonly referred as an enlarged spleen.

Spleen rupture usually happens due to trauma, most commonly car accidents. If our spleen unfortunately ruptures, blood is likely enter into the abdominal cavity, which might cause severe pain. Patients, who are suffering gravely with splenic rupture, are to be treated by blood transfusions. Scientists and doctors believe that when people become aged, the function of spleen and stomach is likely to deteriorate day by day; this may lead to various spleen diseases.

Hence, in order to avoid spleen diseases one should opt for proper sport and speed up the process of digesting making enough energy and. Elderly people should opt for sports of their own. Other than this, if spleen if risks for spleen diseases is to be lessen down then one should intake food rich in terms of carbohydrates and more and their daily diet should have maximum portion of vegetables. People should avoid eating and drinking eatables of which are very hot or cold. Furthermore, if a person intends to abstain from spleen diseases then he or she should avoid alcoholic drinks which can prove disastrous for a person’s health.

Moreover, if spleen diseases are needed to be prohibited to happen then excessive anxiety and sadness should be highly avoided. Other than this, Governments of different countries should conduct workshops and seminars to aware a common man from the havoc of spleen diseases.


To conclude, I would just like to state that spleen disease have contributed immensely to the overall casualties throughout the globe. Therefore, it proper precautions are not taken spleen disease will spread like a moth all over the world which may deliberately take the lives of million people throughout the globe.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/04/2012
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