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What Are Digital Tablets

Today technology is advancing by leaps and bounds all the time. It is not really a large leap for your old fashioned paper and pen notebook to take a giant leap into the twenty-first century by becoming digitized. The popularity of digital tablets is growing among people who have to use their computer for a more creative function that simply word processing and creating spreadsheets.

Digital tablets are the new incarnation of the composition book that you remember from high school. Available in a wide variety of styles, types, and sizes, these tablets take many forms throughout the digital world. While your local delivery man has been using a form of the digital tablet to instantly record your signature atverification of delivery for years, consumers have just recently begun to realize the benefits of incorporating these extremely user friendly devices into their everyday lives.

A digital tablet can easily record everything from your signature, to your handwriting, to original drawings directly to your computer. The usable space on each tablet varies from three to five inches up to a standard eight and a half by eleven inches. The term “usable space” simply refers to the flat area that you can write or draw on where your creation will be picked up by the computer.

In addition to the usable space area, many tablets also offer short cut keys in order to make your experience as user friendly as possible. These short cut keys are preset when you purchase the tablet, so you cannot change them, however they correspond to the programs that work with each tablet. 

Digital tablets are a great minor investment for anyone who is searching to make their computer more creatively friendly. They can be used for anything as simple as precise movements of your cursor to drawing your next great work of art in the digital medium while using an exact instrument, such as a pen or pencil. These are fantastic tools for anyone who works frequently in a creative field where precise drawings, signatures, or even simply portability is of the utmost importance.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 07/14/2011
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