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How Graphic Tablets Can Help Designer

We live in a world that transforms at a lightning speed. Decades ago evolution was thought to be a process that took years to become evident. Today only afew years later, we can see things evolve every afew years. This is mainly because of technological innovation and excellence that humans have achieved in the field of research and science. Every day new products and new innovations storm the markets the world over which resultantly transform the way we live, change the way we think and open new horizons to our imagination. Designing the change is a very important aspect of bringing the change. Computers have helped a lot in creating prototypes of products so that their efficiency could be tested before they are built. But today where our lives are always on the go, the concept of sitting onto a desk to work has actually gotten very impractical. So in order to keep up with the pace of our lives and to match our requirements, manufacturers have come up with graphic tablets to help the designers design different products and building on their palms. This promptness saves a lot of time and costs. 

Generically graphic tablets were considered a input device for the computer to draw hand drawings and architecture to be analyzed by the system. Today these graphic tablets have transformed into a palm tops and pocket size tablets. With the technological advancements done on auto cad, and other design softwares, engineers have practically made it possible for the designers to take their tablet anywhere and everywhere. This ease of use of graphic tablets has helped making the product extremely popular now a days.

As far as the interface of the graphic tablet is concerned, most of the tablets have a USB interface. The designer can draw the prototypes on the smooth surface of the tablet and then can easily transfer and save the data onto a computer. Many new tablets are coming with a fast processor and can run analytical softwares within the tablet. For further analysis computer generated copies of prototypes are used. 

The functional unit of the graphic tablet is the touch screen the stylus. The pen/stylus basically acts like a pencil over paper. With the help of the stylus, designers design anything they want to with immense ease. The graphic tablet's screen has special pressure sensors installed below the screen. The more pressure put on a particular part the lines either go thick or thin accordingly. This helps in providing depth of field to the designs and as a result give more life to the designs. Many graphic tablets come with a lift able lid which can be used as a scanner to trace pictorial designs. This helps architects in analyzing their designs as they inspect their creations.

Different graphic tablets have different utility, some are meant for cad users and some for illustrators. These tablets come in different sizes of screen and different processor speeds and softwares. Hence selection of a proper tablet which will be useful for you is extremely important.  

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By Greggy Rick Go, published at 07/14/2011
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How Graphic Tablets Can Help Designer. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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