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When it pops up it’s very embarrassing and can surely upset you a lot. It is caused due to the changes taking place inside young people as they mature from childhood to adolescence. The hormones play a big role in the cause of acne. As the male hormones have more effect on the sebaceous glands, these glands are usually found together with hair shaft in the form of a unit called sebaceous follicle. During the puberty period the cells of the skin lining the follicle begin to shed more rapidly. The people who have developed acne have shed their cells often. A normal skin bacterium starts multiplying inside the clogged hair follicle. Irritating substances that can cause inflammation is produced by these bacteria. And sometimes the follicle bursts and spreading inflammation to the surrounding skin. In this very process all the blackheads, pimples etc are formed.

Step 1

Acne is mainly caused by some of the following causes:


  • If your parents were a victim of severe acne then there are chances of you getting the same.
  • Excessive stress too causes acne as it increases oil productions in body.
  • Expensive anti-wrinkle products which are in form of oily creams
  • Acne is also caused by intake of dairy foods as they contain hormones.
  • Sugary foods
  • Pregnancy, the hormonal changes during pregnancy can trigger acne on the skin.
  • Menstruation
  • Smoking etc.

Step 2

Acne usually begins at the puberty age and ends by the early 20s. In a few cases it persists in adulthood. This type of acne cases are severe ones affecting the body parts along with the face and is more common in males than in females. The Acne related to the menstrual cycle in women is gone at age of adulthood and is common in females than males. Scarring acne can best be prevented by getting rid of the acne.

Step 3

The dermatologists use various methods to treat scarring acne. This treatment is always done on individual basis. The treatment for scarring acne includes chemical peels, derma-abrasion or laser abrasion. It takes time for improvement of scars after taking medicines.  

It is safe to consult a skin specialist for treating scarring acne. Trying over the counter medications for scarring acne could cause the skin to dry and look lifeless.  

Step 4

The pace of improvement usually depends on the product that is being used. It takes almost weeks or months for scarring acne to start showing results of improvement. The dermatologist may recommend the use of daily medications for up to 4-8 weeks before changing the course of treatment.

Step 5

The treatment of scarring acne should be done individually. Consider seeing a dermatologist, it’s his job to decide what the best treatment for scarring acne is suitable for you. You can also resort to a healthy routine as discussed below:

Wash hands with a cleanser specially made for acne-prone skin.

Apply toner all over your body if your skin is oily.

Benzoyl peroxide can be used for the treatment.

The use of sunscreen along with a moisturizer is good for your skin. 


Another drug known as Retin-A is available in a drug store with a prescription from a doctor. This drug makes your skin red. It is therefore recommended to be used only at night as it makes your skin more sensitive. It takes about 2-3 months for the scarring acne marks to vanish.

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