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How To Treat Complex Acne


Complex acne can affect a person’s over all life. Occurrence of such can greatly affect a person’s self esteem and interpersonal relationships. Complex acne can also cause great embarrassment and anxiety to a person. One of the major characteristics of complex acne is deep abscesses, Inflammation, severe damage to the skin and scarring. Complex acne may start in puberty, may diminish at twenties, but may persist beyond that. There are many factors that can cause complex acne but there are also ways to solve it. Early and aggressive treatments may help treat complex acne. Treating and helping one person with complex acne can help improve a person’s life.

Step 1

The development of complex acne started as a result of a follicle blockage. That is, our skin’s pores are clogged up. The excess oil does more than clog pores. The bacteria that normally live on our skin, P. acnes, thrive in this excess oil. Persistently exposed and soaked in excess oil, the bacteria can rapidly increase in number. As the bacteria multiply in a clogged pore, the pore becomes inflamed. Continuous pressure also can aggravate complex acne, such as chin straps, helmets, and suspenders are few of the examples. Complex acne may contribute from drugs and medications such as those with oral and injected steroids, bromides and iodides. Make up and other cosmetic products may clog up pores so it is better to use “water-based” products and can avoid complex acne.

Step 2

Complex acne and the basics

Taking care of your skin is the basic foundation of avoiding complex acne. Adequate hydration and reducing of stress and stress inducing situations may help. There is no direct relationship between the developments of complex acne to a person’s diet. However, the elimination of a specific food or a food product associated with a flare up of complex acne like, chocolates, cola, fried foods and food products.

Step 3

Complex acne management in your own way

Complex acne management today has spanned from a handful surgeries to a quiet a number of products that promise to offer noticeable results. Different people have a different skin type so it is best to consult your dermatologist and ask what works best for one’s skin. But there are a lot of basic rules to follow to minimize complex acne. One of the ways to minimize and control complex acne is never squeezing and popping them. This may also result in prolonged healing. Regular and consistent washing of face is one way to control complex acne. There are many products in the market that you may use as a facial wash. Use the milder products to just open the pores and refresh you up. Again, it is best to consult the dermatologist for what products to use. Killing the bacteria can help solve complex acne. There creams and solutions, gels and lotions. Consult with a dermatologist in what to use for your skin type. Opening your pores may help complex acne. You may use gentle astringents and toner.

Step 4

How to minimize complex acne

Complex acne can sometimes be painful. Wearing of tight fit clothing can aggravate and further irritate the skin. Shy away from clothing made of Nylon and Lycia as they can trap heat and wetness from releasing thus a good way for the bacteria to multiply. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing your face, because the development of complex acne is not caused by dirt. Use water based make up and avoid oil based products.

Step 5

In preventing flare ups of complex acne, it is best to never touch them consistently, as to all force of friction and trauma should be avoided. For best results, it is recommended to pay a visit to a dermatologist today and seek help for further prevention and treatment of complex acne.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/13/2012
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