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How To Treat Acne With Jojoba Oil


The skin is one of the most important and largest organs of the body. It forms the outer covering to the inner organs and is made up of cells, tissues and organelles that form a single unit of an organ in the integument system.

Acne is a common disease of the skin that appears more often at the onset of puberty, but not exclusively as other factors is also contributing to it like hormonal and genetic contributions. Acne oil is a derivative of different sources of both plant and animal oils on e of this being jojoba plant that are used to treat this condition.

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Jojoba oil that has found an alternative use in the treatment of acne is a derived from a plant called simmondsia chinensis, a native plant of Australia and North America. This oil is from the seeds of the plant and is fifty percent of the total weight of the seed. Jojoba oil is considered acne oil as it has some great qualities for acne.

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Acne is characterized by pimples with white or blackheads and may at times be in their severe form as scarring nodules in the case of cystic acne. The use of acne oils is fast growing fame a this condition is found manifest in most people, whether mild or severe forms. Acne that is manifested in inflammatory response is considered severe while the other mild form is non inflammatory. All considered along the same application for use these oils are free of additives that are corrosive to the skin and are therefore recommended for use in treating acne.

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Using jojoba plant for producing acne oil has since been exploited commercially with the replacement of the then over utilized whale oil in the cure of skin ailments. This comes in different form of products that have the better part of their components as jojoba oil like the brand called Desert Essence. 

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Application of acne oil follows a path in pattern as to ensure deserved results with the standard recommended topical application procedure. It comes in form of creams and pure oil preparations that is rubbed and smeared on skim surface to penetrate the cutaneous of the skin.

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When using acne oil, there are options of doing a massage of the area that has the condition and the surrounding part has to contain the overlap of the oil. Spreading the acne oil over the whole surface is of importance as this oil. Jojoba oil is known to have some antifungal properties and can be used to treat mildew and restores skin vitality. Other remedies for this condition may involve the use of acne vacuum extractor.


Acne oil is recommended for treatment of acne condition because of the comparative advantages over conventional drugs having minimal side effects on the user since they are almost exclusively natural. They also employ an easy application procedure with direct contact with the skin under infection to deliver an instant result.

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