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How To Treat Acne With Vitamins


Do you know what is the most distressing and troubling health condition experienced by more than 60% of world population? It is nothing but Acne. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions of the people which affects all ages from infants to elderly people. Even though acne is developed due to various causes the major cause of acne is imbalance. The imbalances include both physical and mental imbalance. The physical imbalance enhances the toxins level in the body caused due to nutrition deficiency, where mental imbalance is caused due to stress, lack of sleep, improper diet, etc.

Why Vitamins for Acne

A lot of medications and drugs are available to treat acne. Further, holistic treatments, homemade remedies, ayurvedic treatments, laser treatment, etc are also effective in treating acne, but the effectiveness vary with every individual. Treatment for acne should not just focus on wiping out the acne, the small or large bumps from the face. It should attempt to remove the roots of acne and treat the causes of acne. One of the most effective treatments for acne is available with vitamins. Acne can be treated easily and effectively with vitamins with no traces and with long term results.

Treating Acne with vitamins

Vitamin A – It is an essential fat soluble vitamin required by the body, which assist in numerous functions. It regulates the hormone production, stimulates the growth of skin cells, aids it proper digestive process, etc. Since the acne is widely associated with hormonal imbalance, Vitamin A treats the hormonal changes and imbalances in the body. It treats the acne by reducing the over secretion of oil in the specious glands, dims the acne spots, produce fresh skin cells, etc. Foods rich in vitamin A include Carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, mango and greens.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin found in abundance in citrus fruits and a few colorful vegetables. Vitamin C is also referred as skin friendly vitamin and is the best nutrition for treating all types of skin blemishes from acne, dryness of skin, aging signs, wrinkles, fine lines, rashes, and much more. Vitamin C is the best medicine for treating the adult acne. Body acne is treated with vitamins, specifically vitamin C as it is used as a major ingredient in detox program. It contains rich antioxidants and assists in detoxification. Further, vitamin C also treats the inflammation of the skin caused due to acne. Vitamin C is rich in orange, sweet lime, lemon, melon, tomatoes, etc.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is essential for maintaining the healthy skin. Being a fat soluble vitamin, it provides protection to the cell membranes from getting damaged or broken down by inhibiting fat oxidation. Vitamin E is one of the best healers that heal the acne cysts and scars caused due to acne. Further, the severe acne is healed without any traces or scars with vitamins E. Vitamin E is also essential in the body to absorb vitamin A. Vitamin E is found in abundance in nuts and seeds.

Tips and comments

When it comes to treating acne with vitamins, vitamin supplements, vitamin pills, etc are available in the market. However, it is recommended to take the vitamins naturally from fruits, vegetables and whole foods.

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