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How To Make An Acne Removal Scar Fade


Acne is a skin condition commonly known to us laymen as “pimples” or “Zits”. Acne is caused when tiny holes on our skin called as pores get clogged. These pores contain hair follicles and glands. When the sebaceous glands produce too much oil the pores get clogged causing build-up of dirt and bacteria. Most common are white heads, black heads and pimples.



Step 1

Acne has to be treated very carefully so as to avoid, not spreading them further. Topical creams are mostly used to treat Acne. Lifestyle, diet changes, keeping skin clean and oil free are some recommended prevention measures. Acne is a double edged sword, while the condition itself is painful, worse is the scars it leaves behind. Little dark dots, marks that continue to stay on as a sad reminder of your once clear skin. But, all is not lost, there are ways in which you can fade away an acne scar completely.

There are processes through which while performing acne removal scar fade away, in others the acne is first addressed and then the scars are faded.

Step 2

A few ways of acne scar removal are
Natural Home remedies: - Natural home remedies are always the first way to go as they are both safe and inexpensive. Fruits, Vitamin E oil, Sandalwood, tomato juice are all accepted remedies for very light scarring and may help acne removal scar fade.

Step 3

Skin creams: - Many cosmetic and pharmaceutical brands make topical creams that can be purchased over the counter for acne removal scar treatment. These are inexpensive and have to be used over a period of at least two to three months to show result. A brand that has solely been working towards Acne more than any other cosmetic product is “Clearasil”. Newer products like Mederma have also come into the market recently assure acne scar removal.  Acne scar removal creams are easily available. 


Step 4

Chemical peel: - Glycolic or chemical peels are also used for acne scar removal and fade it. The remove the damaged cells from the top layer and improve the texture and tone the skin. This also increases the skin’s resilience and reduces future risk of blemishes. Chemical peels have to be done for four to six sessions to be effective and prescribed post treatment care is also very important.

Step 5

Fractional Laser treatments: - Laser, more so fractional lasers, they work through the skin at the sebaceous glands without disrupting the top layer of the skin. This directly works on the glands and inhibits extra production of oils and this keeping the skin unclogged. Further it clears the scars from inward for better results


Microdermabrasion:-As the name suggests, this abrades the top layer of the skin by using a roller brush, which has micro spinning instruments on the roller head. These scrub and wear away the damaged skin. After a few days as the skin heals, it becomes smoother and help in the removal acne scar. This treatment however can take up to three weeks.

If acne scar removal home remedies and skin creams do not work, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist before going for any skin treatments.


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